iOS 12.3.1 Released Quickly After 12.3

Shortly after releasing iOS 12.3, Apple has just released another update, iOS 12.3.1. Apple states: iOS 12.3.1 includes bug fixes for your iPhone and iPad. This update: Fixes an issue that could prevent making or receiving VoLTE calls Fixes issues in Messages that could cause messages from unknown senders to appear in your conversation listContinue reading “iOS 12.3.1 Released Quickly After 12.3”

iWork for iOS updated

Apple’s suite of apps for presenting, creating documents and keeping up with numbers has been updated for iOS. Keynote has the following updates and improvements: Make It Move – draw a path with your finger or Apple Pencil to animate an object across the slide Animate Objects – Add emphasis to presentations with action buildContinue reading “iWork for iOS updated”

Things 3 for iPad Update Brings Dark Mode

Things 3 for iPad is a $19.99 paid app that allows you to collect and organize your thoughts to help you plan your time for all of your To-Dos. The most recent update adds the “dark mode” appearance. In the app, tap on the gear icon > Appearance > Dark. You can also “Switch Automatically” basedContinue reading “Things 3 for iPad Update Brings Dark Mode”

Microsoft Lens|PDF Scan Update

Microsoft has a very good scanning app called Lens|PDF Scan. This handy iOS app allows you to use your iOS camera to scan in documents, business cards, sticky notes, receipts and whiteboards and make them readable for later use and reference. You can even share the scan with other apps. The app handles conversion ofContinue reading “Microsoft Lens|PDF Scan Update”

Wireless AirPods and Charging Case

Apple has announced the much anticipated AirPods with Wireless Charging Case for $199. According to Apple, “Now with more talk time, voice-activated Siri access — and a new wireless charging case — AirPods deliver an unparalleled wireless headphone experience. Simply take them out and they’re ready to use with all your devices. Put them inContinue reading “Wireless AirPods and Charging Case”

iCloud Issues ? Check the System Status

If you are having problems with iCloud accounts (or someone, like a family member, has called you to help them figure out why they can’t log in to iCloud) before spending a bunch of time retyping your password over and over, you may want to look at Apple’s system status page. This could save you aContinue reading “iCloud Issues ? Check the System Status”

Ulysses 15 Arrives – Writing App Gets Better

Ulysses, a writing environment for your Mac and iOS device, turns version 15. Ulysses uses the idea of a sheet that can be combined with other sheets to write an article, story or book. You can access your sheets from your iOS devices and Mac using the subscription service. You can try the app forContinue reading “Ulysses 15 Arrives – Writing App Gets Better”

Keyboard Text Replacement Shortcuts – A Real Time Saver

A built in iOS feature that many do not use is the Keyboard Text Replacement. This feature allows you to create a keyboard shortcut to type in text, including frequent replies to email and messages. The idea is simple. Let’s say you find your self always typing out text like your email address, phone numberContinue reading “Keyboard Text Replacement Shortcuts – A Real Time Saver”