Surfing Safari

Overall, on the iPad, surfing is very fast and easy with Apple’s built in Safari browser.  Here are some tips and shortcuts to make the browsing experience more enjoyable. NAVIGATION You know you can scroll with finger flicks up or down, left or right.  You know you can make text and the page larger withContinue reading “Surfing Safari”

Review: 1Password for iPad

Here’s my first review of a third party app for your iPad.  For those familiar with 1Password for your desktop Mac, you know what 1Password can do.  For those who don’t, imagine what it would be like to have your device recognize the web page you are visiting and type in all the password andContinue reading “Review: 1Password for iPad”

TSA, iPad and Travel – Oh My!

According to the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration), E-readers, Net Books and other small gadgets are becoming popular for travelers to carry on an airplane.  The TSA notes these devices are “fantastic time killers.”  But, the question remains, do these items (including your iPad) have to be removed from their carry on bags? Well, according toContinue reading “TSA, iPad and Travel – Oh My!”

Charging the iPad – To USB or Not

There has been some confusion about charing the iPad.  It appears that some older usb ports do not provide as much “juice” as the included iPad charger.  The result, a message that indicates not charging. Interestingly, the iPhone charger will charge the iPad as well but, more slowly.  To get the fastest charge, use theContinue reading “Charging the iPad – To USB or Not”