Apple Pencil – Worth the Wait

When the Apple Pencil came, there were a couple of questions, How good does it work with the iPad Pro, How long does the charge last, How can you check the charge? First, the Pencil works great with the iPad Pro. Using the built in Notes app, the ability to smoothly draw, sketch and write isContinue reading “Apple Pencil – Worth the Wait”

Apple Pencil Order Limits

Apple has placed limits on the purchase of its new Apple Pencil stylus on the online store. When you try to order more than 2, you receive an message telling you that the quantities you can order are limited. The new stylus has been sold out almost since its introduction on Nov. 11. Shipping timesContinue reading “Apple Pencil Order Limits”

OneNote Supports Pencil – How to Connect

Microsoft OneNote now supports the Pencil Stylus by Fifty Three. In order to use the stylus, you have to pair it with the app. Here’s how… To use the Pencil stylus with OneNote, perform the following steps: Open OneNote on your iPad Tap on Draw Tap the Hand With Stylus icon on the far rightContinue reading “OneNote Supports Pencil – How to Connect”

Apple Watch Manual

For those who may be interested, the 96 page Apple Watch manual is available here. The chapters include: Getting Started Basics Watch Faces Notifications Glances Timekeeping Digital Touch Mail Phone Calls Calendars and Reminders Health and Fitness Apple Pay and Passbook Maps and Directions Music Remote Control Photos Camera Remote Stocks Weather Accessibility and RelatedContinue reading “Apple Watch Manual”

How to Add Keyboards to your iPad

It is possible to use keyboards other than the built in Apple iOS keyboard. There are several options for other keyboards. What is not usually clear is what to do after you buy the keyboard to make it work. This will walk you through the process. Download / Buy the Keyboard you wish to add fromContinue reading “How to Add Keyboards to your iPad”

How to Add a New Keyboard(s)

Last year, Apple announced that iOS 8 supports third-party keyboard apps. If you have purchased one or more of these, it is not obvious how to make the keyboard the default keyboard or available to you. This post will walk you through the basics of the process on iOS8 devices. First, download the keyboard you want to useContinue reading “How to Add a New Keyboard(s)”

Bamboo Fineline Stylus

    Wacom has introduced another stylus in an attempt to address the never ending question, Can I get a better stylus to simulate writing on my iOS device? The newest stylus, the Bamboo Fineline, is a bluetooth, USB charged, pen like device that is compatible with the latest iOS and several apps, including Bamboo Paper. WhenContinue reading “Bamboo Fineline Stylus”

Moleskine Notebooks for Livescribe

Livescribe has just introduced Moleskine notebooks that are compatible with Livescribe pens. You can use this link to buy the notebooks or other products and this code UBX15RAF93H2E to receive $20 off a smartpen purchase. The coupon expires in 30 days. The notebook is described as follows: Using the Bluetooth technology of the Livescribe 3 Smartpen andContinue reading “Moleskine Notebooks for Livescribe”

Magnus and Mini iPad Stand

If you are itching to buy one more accessory for your iPad or iPad mini, consider Ten1Design’s Magnus Stand or Magnus Mini stand. Each stand has magnets that are designed to hold your device at just the right angle so you can easily view your device. According to the Ten1Design, Magnus is first machine-crafted from pureContinue reading “Magnus and Mini iPad Stand”