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Apple Store App

The Apple Store app keeps getting better. Whether you want to order a new device, check on the status of an order, book a genius appointment or get reviews of products, Apple has made this app simple and efficient. It works with your iOS devices and Apple Watch to help you with a personal shopping experience.

If you are in an Apple Store you can scan an item to check the price or purchase it. If you need to look back on orders, you can pull up your history of purchases as well. If you search for upcoming workshops to learn skills with various Apple apps too.

Download the Apple Store app to order, review and keep up with your Apple purchases.

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Notes Plus Updated

Notes Plus continues to be the go to app for handwriting notes or jotting drawings to get my ideas down quickly. The app was recently updated to improve or fix the following:

User experience improvements and bug fixes:
– Better handle Apple Pencil with small strokes when palm is conflicting with multi-tasking and control center
– Add notebook covers for 2017
– Fix overflowing text bugs in text mode
– Fix crashes with unknown VGA output devices
Update to latest Wacom SDK, now support Wacom’s Bamboo Fineline 3 stylus

If you are looking for a digital app to replicate the hand writing experience with the bonus of searching, text conversion, shape conversion and more, check out Notes Plus.

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LiquidText PDF Reader Improvements

LiquidText PDF Document Reader: Annotate & Excerpt app is a fun and cool way to markup and gather together annotations from one or more PDFs. The most recent improvements include:

• Improved Highlight Rendering: highlights better maintain text contrast to improve readability.


• Fixed bug that could cause a crash when scrolling with scrollbar while holding document in place with other finger.

• Fixed bug that could cause a crash when tapping a link button on an excerpt or comment while in portrait mode.

• Fixed bug that could prevent the table of Contents from displaying correctly in some circumstances.

LiquidText GIF

This productivity app is free. However, you can purchase additional functionality via an in app purchase.


► MULTIDOCUMENT USERS RECEIVE (requires one-time in-app purchase):

Work with multiple documents and webpages in a single workspace
• Pull together excerpts from different documents.
• Search across all the documents in a LiquidText workspace.
• Compare documents in parallel.
• Make comments that refer to multiple documents.

Global Keyword Search (Requires iOS 10)
• Search for keywords across all your LiquidText files.
• Search from LiquidText home screen, or from Spotlight.
• Find keywords in title or text of your documents.


• Read and interact with text in a flexible environment
• Compatible with PDF, Word, and PowerPoint documents and web pages
• Import from Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Box, email, and more
• Import content from webpage or send to LiquidText directly from Safari

• Workspace area for writing notes and pulling out excerpts
• Organize and group excerpts and notes
• Tap comments and excerpts to find original source
• Pinch document to compare different sections
• Collapse text to see annotated parts side-by-side
• Collapse text to view search term(s) side-by-side
• Scroll to navigate through pages
• Scrollbar shows where highlights, comments, excerpts, and search results are located

• Highlight text, images, comments, excerpts, and notes
• Add margin notes/comments to text, images, notes, and excerpts
• Comment on two or more selections simultaneously

• Export file as notes only, highlights only, notes and highlights, or entire document with annotations
• Export as LiquidText file, PDF, or DOCX (supported by most word processors)
• Send files by email or to Dropbox, iCloud, Box, and more

LiquidText allows for active highlighting of PDFs and organizing ideas from them.


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Screencasts Online App

If you subscribe to Screencasts Online, you will enjoy the improved app that gives you access to the library of video tutorials.

With the SCO Member Tutorials app, you can stream tutorial videos or download them for offline viewing. There are even controls that allow you to rate or control the speed of the show.

If you are not a member, you can download the app and view any of the free tutorials or purchase individual ones.

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iScore Baseball App Update

iScore icon

iScore, an app for tracking baseball games and stats, has had a major UI overhaul. The fixes and improvements include:

– Complete new look for the new year
– Added a 3D “rotate” option when viewing Player Card hit chart under Player Manager
– Player cards have significantly increased functionality
– General usability enhancements throughout
– iPhone now has a “light skin” option for better contrast in the sun
– Support for MLB 2017 rosters

iScore Field

This app is used to track a baseball or softball game. Coaches, parents and fans can keep a detailed record as the game progresses. One of the many benefits is you do not have to know how to use a scorebook. You will need to know a little bit about the game.

iScore Stats

Once you enter the plays, you can generate and share stats and a scorebook easily.


Another great feature is the ability to “broadcast” the game to those who cannot be present or to rewatch the game. In the app, go to options and tap on Admin Website. Then, in a browser, go to You will be able to enter your user name and password to access the team registration, roster, etc.

iScore Broadcast

From your iOS device, you will be able to send a link to the “live” game and as you enter information, the audience can see the game progress. You can share your game via email and the links will be sent.


To watch the app in action and learn how to use the tools, watch the various iScore Tutorials. Do not wait until a game before you first learn how to use this app. You will get frustrated. A fun way to learn this app is to try watching a game on TV  and enter the plays as they take place. This practice will pay off for when you get to the real game.

In-App Purchases

You can buy several in app purchases like a team website or the 2017 Major League Rosters but, it is not necessary.


As training begins for travel and school baseball, if you want to be the team statistician or have fun broadcasting the game to parents who could not make it, check out iScore.

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Make iPad External Display via Duet Display

DuetDisplay icon

Recently, I was traveling to speak at a seminar out of state with my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. While putting the final touches on my Keynote presentation, I realized I missed my external monitor to give me the extra room to also work on an Acrobat document for work.

Enter Duet Display, an iOS app you can download to make your iOS device an external monitor for your computer. You buy and download the app from the iOS store on your iOS device and then download the free app for your computer (Mac or PC) from the developers.

You will need the cable you usually use to connect your computer to your iPad. For the MacBookPro TouchBar and other Macs that use USB-C, you may need the cable that goes from USB-C to Lightning.

Once you have your device connected and have installed Duet Display on both your iOS device and computer, you can control various settings.

Duet Settings

Your iOS device resolution can impact what you see and how much. The higher the resolution you set, the more you can see. There is even a setting to allow you to use via touch, your touch bar on your iPad.

Duet Display Display Arrangement

To control the location of your display (whether it appears to the left or right of your computer), tap on the Duet icon at the top of your screen and then tap on the gear icon to make additional settings. For a Mac, you can read this Apple Support article.

So, if you have an iPad that you carry around with you and your Mac and want the benefits of an external monitor, you should definitely consider Duet Display.