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iScore Baseball App Update

iScore icon

iScore, an app for tracking baseball games and stats, has had a major UI overhaul. The fixes and improvements include:

– Complete new look for the new year
– Added a 3D “rotate” option when viewing Player Card hit chart under Player Manager
– Player cards have significantly increased functionality
– General usability enhancements throughout
– iPhone now has a “light skin” option for better contrast in the sun
– Support for MLB 2017 rosters

iScore Field

This app is used to track a baseball or softball game. Coaches, parents and fans can keep a detailed record as the game progresses. One of the many benefits is you do not have to know how to use a scorebook. You will need to know a little bit about the game.

iScore Stats

Once you enter the plays, you can generate and share stats and a scorebook easily.


Another great feature is the ability to “broadcast” the game to those who cannot be present or to rewatch the game. In the app, go to options and tap on Admin Website. Then, in a browser, go to You will be able to enter your user name and password to access the team registration, roster, etc.

iScore Broadcast

From your iOS device, you will be able to send a link to the “live” game and as you enter information, the audience can see the game progress. You can share your game via email and the links will be sent.


To watch the app in action and learn how to use the tools, watch the various iScore Tutorials. Do not wait until a game before you first learn how to use this app. You will get frustrated. A fun way to learn this app is to try watching a game on TV  and enter the plays as they take place. This practice will pay off for when you get to the real game.

In-App Purchases

You can buy several in app purchases like a team website or the 2017 Major League Rosters but, it is not necessary.


As training begins for travel and school baseball, if you want to be the team statistician or have fun broadcasting the game to parents who could not make it, check out iScore.

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Make iPad External Display via Duet Display

DuetDisplay icon

Recently, I was traveling to speak at a seminar out of state with my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. While putting the final touches on my Keynote presentation, I realized I missed my external monitor to give me the extra room to also work on an Acrobat document for work.

Enter Duet Display, an iOS app you can download to make your iOS device an external monitor for your computer. You buy and download the app from the iOS store on your iOS device and then download the free app for your computer (Mac or PC) from the developers.

You will need the cable you usually use to connect your computer to your iPad. For the MacBookPro TouchBar and other Macs that use USB-C, you may need the cable that goes from USB-C to Lightning.

Once you have your device connected and have installed Duet Display on both your iOS device and computer, you can control various settings.

Duet Settings

Your iOS device resolution can impact what you see and how much. The higher the resolution you set, the more you can see. There is even a setting to allow you to use via touch, your touch bar on your iPad.

Duet Display Display Arrangement

To control the location of your display (whether it appears to the left or right of your computer), tap on the Duet icon at the top of your screen and then tap on the gear icon to make additional settings. For a Mac, you can read this Apple Support article.

So, if you have an iPad that you carry around with you and your Mac and want the benefits of an external monitor, you should definitely consider Duet Display.

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DocreviewPad Update

DocReviewPad icon

DocReviewPad has been updated to include many helpful features. This app is used to help you organize and review all your litigation documents quickly and efficiently, create production sets, and Bates stamp all your documents.

The latest update includes:

• NOTES! Added the ability to have multiple notes on every page. Notes appear as numbered “stickies” and can be moved around the page.
• Totally revamped reports for better clarity and information. Notes for each page are displayed in their own column, and associated with their own page and Bates number.
• Notes for pages are included on a separate page in an export allowing you to read the notes as you look at the document.
• New Documents, Speed Review, Tags / Issue Codes tabs at the bottom of the documents list (similar to TrialPad) for easier navigation and review of documents.
• Tags / Issue Codes tab allows you to view a document and see what annotations and notes were applied to what pages.
• Totally revamped the Export and Reports dialogs to be much more visual, easier to select documents, and granular in determining what to include and exclude.
• Added option in Settings to Remember Document Position so that when you switch between long documents you’ll always come back to the same page (defaults to On).
• Added Current Page as a share option (in addition to Entire Document) for all the export options (email, print, upload, etc.).
• New and updated User Guide within the app, and available as a PDF with bookmarks and hyperlinks.
• Many other minor new features, improvements, and fixes.

You can watch the app in use here.

TranscriptPad2 Report2

If you need manuals for the apps, you can download them here.

DocReviewPad is one of three apps that are part of a litigation bundle you can get. The bundle includes TrialPad and TranscriptPad.

TrialPad is used to present information, documents and videos from your iPad during trial, mediation or hearings. TranscriptPad is used to help organize, tag and work with transcripts.



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Ulysses Update Makes Great App Better


Ulysses by the Soulmen is a great writing app for getting thoughts down and organizing articles, notes and more.

Ulysses Themes

The latest update includes the following long list of new features and fixes:

## New Features
– Added editing of TextBundle files in Dropbox
– Added import of TextBundle and TextPack files
– Added reading time goals

## Fixes: WordPress
– Generally improved compatibility with various WordPress blogs
– Improved error detection on sign-in and when uploading posts and images
– Publishing status is now stored for each account
– Fixed sign-in failure when a blog does not have a favicon
– Added a limit on the number of tags and categories downloaded from a blog
– Fixed a bug where tags and categories where not properly refreshed
– Improved help texts when preparing a post for upload

## Fixes: External Folders
– Fixed a crash when using fenced code blocks in external sources
– Fixed a crash when searching inside external folders
– Fixed a bug when using long CJK file names in external folders

## Fixes: Editor
– Focus mode is now disabled when scrolling to improve readability
– Fixed a crash when pasting from the app ‘Copied’
– Type writer mode now stays in line when using arrow keys
– Fixed dictation on iOS 10
– Fixed a bug where images could not be taken from the camera on iOS 10
– Fixed several drawing problems
– Fixed several crashes while editing sheets

## Fixes: Export
– Updated Medium preview style to latest version
– Fixed several compatibility issues with DOCX and latest versions of Word and Pages
– Added support for importing CSS files as HTML styles
– Fixed wrong font display in HTML export preview
– Fixed a crash when rotating the PDF preview
– Fixed a bug where the ePub exporter duplicated image files

## Fixes: Dropbox
– Generally improved reliability and performance of the Dropbox sync
– Added support for using the Share Extension with Dropbox
– Fixed an issue when authorizing Ulysses to use an existing Dropbox account
– Improved handling of server-side errors in Dropbox
– Fixed a bug where sheets created via X-Callback used the wrong filename

## Other Fixes
– Fixed a crash when moving several sheets
– Fixed a wrong error message when browsing backups
– Fixed a crash when emptying the trash
– Fixed a bug where upload/download indicators did not disappear on iCloud/Dropbox
– Reduced CPU usage when indexing files for search
– Fixed a bug that crashed Ulysses when going to background
– Fixed a crash when removing a Dropbox folder
– Fixed dozens of other crashes

This app is especially powerful and useful with the iPad keyboard. Using the external keyboard give you much more space to type out your thoughts as the software keyboard is not in the way.

The app synchronizes quite well using iCloud with the Mac app so you can take your work with you and always keep up to date.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader

acrobat-reader icon

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a great companion app to Adobe Acrobat for your computer. Using the subscription Adobe Document Cloud service, you can synchronize your documents between your computer and your iOS device. This allows you to make annotations, read documents and keep up with your PDFs quite easily.

The latest update includes the following:

• Enjoy improved performance with text markup tools.
• Easily fill and sign any form on your iPhone by connecting to the free Adobe Fill & Sign app from the Tool Switcher.
• Fixed crashing issue when clearing list of recent files.
• Bug fixes.

The app allows you to scan in documents, receipts, whiteboards, forms and more.

You can read and mark up PDFs without the paid subscription service.

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Airtable Update

Airtable 3 icon

Airtable is a flexible cloud based database that you can use to organize simple to complex tasks and information. It was recently updated with the following features:

* Use the scroll handle to quickly scroll through all of your records! Gone are the days when it took hours to scroll to the bottom.
* Squashed some bugs.
* See all of your fields without expanding a record via a completely redesigned layout, and take advantage of those big screens with a brand new look for iPad.
* Re-order and add fields directly from the grid view.
* Pull down to reveal the summary bar and view summary functions for each field.
* Tap on a field header to update the summary function.

The Airtable app can be used on your iOS device or you can simply use a browser to access your various tables. The power of this platform is its simplicity and ability to collaborate. You can create checklists, organize collections of documents, manage customers or contacts and so much more.

sortable collaborate

Screencastslonline has a good screencast on using the app. If you are not a member of Screencastsonline, it is worth joining if you want to see someone walk through and explain using various apps each week.