BusyCal – Calendar

BusyCal is a useful and powerful calendar app for working with events and to dos. The app works with iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, Office 365 and other CalDAV Servers. This helps with coordinating and syncing all the various calendars you may have into one place. There are different calendar views and you can even seeContinue reading “BusyCal – Calendar”

NotesPlus – iPhone Support

Notes Plus has been updated to version 5.0. Now, the app works with the iPhone too. If you are not familiar with this note taking app and are looking for a way to capture your written notes electronically, you should check out Notes Plus. Not only can you write notes, you can draw shapes that areContinue reading “NotesPlus – iPhone Support”

OmniPlan 3 Updates and Bug Fixes

OmniPlan project manager allows for planning projects including setting up group tasks and managing resources. The most recent update includes the following changes: • Microsoft Project Import — Fixed a regression in our Microsoft Project import tool that could cause some .mpp files to fail to import. • Scheduling — “Resources Work Independently” once againContinue reading “OmniPlan 3 Updates and Bug Fixes”

OneNote – HUGE Update

OneNote, Microsoft’s answer to a note capture and planning app, has been redesigned and updated to version 16. The biggest noticeable improvement is to the layout. The tabs and sections have moved from the top to the side.  You can choose from various notebooks quite easily on the far left side which stays hidden untilContinue reading “OneNote – HUGE Update”

LiquidText PDF Reader Improvements

LiquidText PDF Document Reader: Annotate & Excerpt app is a fun and cool way to markup and gather together annotations from one or more PDFs. The most recent improvements include: • Improved Highlight Rendering: highlights better maintain text contrast to improve readability. BUG FIXES • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when scrolling withContinue reading “LiquidText PDF Reader Improvements”

iScore Baseball App Update

iScore, an app for tracking baseball games and stats, has had a major UI overhaul. The fixes and improvements include: – Complete new look for the new year – Added a 3D “rotate” option when viewing Player Card hit chart under Player Manager – Player cards have significantly increased functionality – General usability enhancements throughoutContinue reading “iScore Baseball App Update”

Notes Plus – How to Convert Handwriting to Text

One of the nice features with Notes Plus, an iOS app used to collect your written thoughts and drawings, is the ability to convert your handwritten notes into text so you can search your notes. You can even copy and paste the text that has been converted. There are two ways to convert text. First, youContinue reading “Notes Plus – How to Convert Handwriting to Text”