Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS has been updated with various bug fixes. This impressive PDF app allows you not only to access PDFs stored in Adobe’s Document Cloud but PDFs stored on iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and OS X Server. Accessing these PDFs in various locations give you tremendous flexibility in storing and updating PDFs. TheContinue reading “Adobe Acrobat Reader”


WWDC 2017 Today’s Announcements ?

Apple is holding its annual World Wide Developer Conference this week. During the keynote address today, it is expected that Apple will announce (and hopefully show) the upcoming iOS 11, MacOS 10.13 and some new hardware. You should be able to watch it live streaming from here beginning 10 AM PDT. Typically, shortly following the presentation,Continue reading “WWDC 2017 Today’s Announcements ?”

iOS Battery Issues ? Try These Tips

If you find your iPad or other iOS device won’t charge or hold a charge, here are some tips from Apple. Will Not Charge – Change Power Sources, Adapters or Cables Plug into the USB power adapter that came with your device. A third party adapter may not work properly. If that still does notContinue reading “iOS Battery Issues ? Try These Tips”

Airtable Update

Airtable is a flexible cloud based database that you can use to organize simple to complex tasks and information. It was recently updated with the following features: * Use the scroll handle to quickly scroll through all of your records! Gone are the days when it took hours to scroll to the bottom. * Squashed someContinue reading “Airtable Update”

How to Scan from Your iPad or iOS device – The Basics

    There are times when you are out and want to capture images of documents to use later. These documents could be receipts, tests, business cards, brochures, handwritten notes, etc. This is not an app specific post. Instead, the basics of how to scan are discussed. Also, different options to consider when choosing a scanning app are brieflyContinue reading “How to Scan from Your iPad or iOS device – The Basics”

iAnnotate – How to Adjust Settings for Better Experience

iAnnotate is a great app to read and mark up PDFs. One of the best ways to use this app more efficiently is to adjust the settings to your way of working. The settings can be accessed from a couple of different ways. First, from within the app by tapping the gear icon or tapContinue reading “iAnnotate – How to Adjust Settings for Better Experience”

iOS 10.1 Released

Apple has released iOS 10.1 that includes updates, security and other fixes. The new features include portrait mode for iPhone 7 plus. The security fixes are described here. Below is the list of improvement and bug fixes from Apple’s information page: This update includes Portrait Camera for iPhone 7 Plus (beta), transit directions for Japan, stabilityContinue reading “iOS 10.1 Released”

Lawyer’s Guide to iPad – Review of Notes Plus

Recently, I published an article in The Lawyer’s Guide to a Well-Appointed iPad (3rd Edition). I’m one of 7 co-authors, all of whom are lawyers and iPad experts. Download your free PDF copy here. The excerpt of my contribution appears below. Notes Plus helps you create, keep, and organize your digital notes on your iPad.Continue reading “Lawyer’s Guide to iPad – Review of Notes Plus”