iOS 10 Release

Apple is set to release iOS 10 today. Before any major update or upgrade, you should make a backup of your iOS device. You can read about that on Apple’s How To Back up your iOS device page. Without repeating all of the various new features introduced in iOS 10 here, simply visit Apple. YouContinue reading “iOS 10 Release”


TrialPad – How to Create Key Docs and Witness Folders

When getting ready for a trial recently, I finally realized a couple of important concepts related to using TrialPad that can make a big difference in organization and speed – Creating Witness folders with documents you will use for the witness examination. Having a folder for each witness is not the concept I realized. Instead, the method forContinue reading “TrialPad – How to Create Key Docs and Witness Folders”

Apple Event Sept. 7th

Apple has announced that the next live keynote will be held September 7, 2016 at 10 am PDT. You can visit this page to watch the presentation live. There are many new product announcements expected as well as information about the status of the newest operating systems for the various Apple devices. You can add theContinue reading “Apple Event Sept. 7th”

Scrivener for iOS Coming Soon?

The latest update to Scrivener for Mac has an interesting note… “Important Update for iOS Support Added support for reading and working with Scrivener for iOS. (You must download this version of Scrivener for Mac if you plan to use our iOS version.)” The home page also shows an iPhone with a big “2 DAYS”Continue reading “Scrivener for iOS Coming Soon?”

Ulysses Wins Apple 2016 Design Award

Ulysses, a powerful writing app that has previously been reviewed here, has won an Apple 2016 design award. The app is available for iOS devices as well as the Mac. The Apple page says the following about the app: “Ulysses was developed for creative writers, including novelists, students, journalists, and bloggers. A powerful text editor for Mac,Continue reading “Ulysses Wins Apple 2016 Design Award”

Paper Allows You to Get Ideas Down

Paper by FiftyThree is a universal iOS app that allows you quickly draw, note, list and capture your thoughts and inspirations on the go. The app allows you to create diagrams as easily as lists. To create shapes, tap the squiggly line to draw. Then, tap on the ruler icon. Now, when you draw aContinue reading “Paper Allows You to Get Ideas Down”

Lexis Advance HD and TextMap

Lexis Advance HD is an iPhone app to use to work with your Lexis account to do legal research. There is an iPad version as well. The app is a free download but you need to have an account with Lexis to access the services. This (slightly out of date and loud) video shows some of theContinue reading “Lexis Advance HD and TextMap”

Ulysses Text Editor Fixes

Ulysses Mobile, a universal iOS text editor app, has been updated to fix several issues. This app, although it takes a few minutes to wrap your head around how it works, is quite powerful. The app allows you to create distraction free documents, whether short or long, and organize them to export into your favoriteContinue reading “Ulysses Text Editor Fixes”