Apple’s Event 10 am PDT Today

Today at 10 AM PDT, Apple will be streaming a live keynote which is expected to introduce new or updated products and more information about the next iOS and OS. The page suggests that you should ask Siri – “Hey Siri, give us a hint.” Try it and see the response. Also, the website states “SeeContinue reading “Apple’s Event 10 am PDT Today”

How to Shuffle Playlist in Music on iPad or iPhone

Let’s say you’ve made your music playlist and want to listen to it shuffled instead of the alphabetical order it appears on your iOS device, How can you do that? Go to Music > Playlists and select the Playlist you have created either on your iOS device or transferred from your computer. The name of yourContinue reading “How to Shuffle Playlist in Music on iPad or iPhone”

Everything Changes with iPad Campaign

Apple is continuing to push and adjust its marketing of the iPad. The latest iteration involves showing the iPad in use by many different people, in many different situations throughout the world. The idea being that the iPad can be used in business, at home, in school, wherever you may need it. You can watchContinue reading “Everything Changes with iPad Campaign”

iOS 8.3 Released

Apple updated the iOS to version 8.3. To download the release, tap Settings > General > Software Update. You can read about it from this web page. According to Apple, the release includes the following: …improved performance, bug fixes, and a redesigned Emoji keyboard. Changes include: Improved performance for: •    App launch •    App responsiveness •  Continue reading “iOS 8.3 Released”

Fantastical 2 for Mac Released

Flexibits has introduced a brand new version of Fantastical. This calendar and reminder app has been known for the ease of typing in plain english and watching the app convert it into the desired event or reminder. There are many improvements in this latest version, including the big screen calendar and reminder list. No longer isContinue reading “Fantastical 2 for Mac Released”

OmniOutliner for iOS Universal version released

The OmniGroup has updated OmniOutliner as a universal app that can be run on both iPads and iPhones. The release requires at least iOS version 8.1. You can watch the app in action here. Some of the new features and bug fixes include: Outline View — The outline view now freely scrolls, so the outline column canContinue reading “OmniOutliner for iOS Universal version released”

App Store and More Down

Right now, the App store, iTunes Store, and Mac App Store are unavailable for all users. “Customers may be unable to make purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or Mac App Store.” According to the Apple services status page, there is no other information available. If you have been having trouble downloadingContinue reading “App Store and More Down”