How to Lock Your iPad with a Passcode

If your iPad was misplaced, lost or stolen, would you want your information (email account, notes, photos, contacts, etc.) in someone else’s hands? If not, you should make sure your iPad is locked – not physically, but with the built in Passcode Lock. The feature requires a passcode to be entered when you first turnContinue reading “How to Lock Your iPad with a Passcode”


Maven Web Browser Adds New Twists to Browsing

Right now, for a limited time, you can get a free browser for your iPad…What you have one already…? Not like this one!  Check out this web page to see it in action. Maven Web Browser gives you much more than you are used to on your iPad. There are extended features like dual paneContinue reading “Maven Web Browser Adds New Twists to Browsing”

Onswipe – Look @ Me on an iPad or iPad2

WordPress is now compatible with the OnSwipe platform that makes it easy for publishers to enhance their content on touch-enabled devices (e.g. iPads). That means, if you look at this blog on an iPad, you will see the content displayed in a different way. The article layout, depending on the orientation of your iPad willContinue reading “Onswipe – Look @ Me on an iPad or iPad2”

TrialPad – Presenting and Annotating in Real Time

TrialPad is an app for your iPad that allows you to “present” PDFs on screens. What is unique about this program is that you can, in real time, annotate the documents for the jury, class or audience. Annotations can consist of highlighting with yellow boxes, writing in a red felt tip marker or redacting withContinue reading “TrialPad – Presenting and Annotating in Real Time”

Sale again today 2.19 – Notes Plus Notepad App On Sale Today

The writing pad app I find myself using and relying upon over and over is Notes Plus. This app captures handwriting in a fluid and natural way. You can learn more here. It has shape recognition, audio recording, the ability to have multiple notepads, you can insert text with different type styles, use the closeContinue reading “Sale again today 2.19 – Notes Plus Notepad App On Sale Today”