PaperHelper Essay Writer – FREE Today Only

Another interesting app is on sale for free today only. This app allows you to have an open internet browser window on one side and a simple text editing program open on the other. You can then transfer or type information into your document without having to flip between to different apps. Additional features ofContinue reading “PaperHelper Essay Writer – FREE Today Only”


Dual Browsing with Duet Browser (Free – Right Now)

Right now, there is a price reduction on Duet Browser for the iPad. The app let’s you view 2 browser windows simultaneously in either landscape or portrait mode.   Additionally, there is tabbed browsing and bookmarking available. You can even drag the divider bar left/right or up/down to expand  the size of one of theContinue reading “Dual Browsing with Duet Browser (Free – Right Now)”

OneNote for iPhone Released – Free for Limited Time

Although not directly related to iPad, the OneNote program from MicroSoft has been released “free for a limited time.”  You can grab your copy here. . The description states that the program is “the easy-to-use, powerful note-taking application for all of your ideas.”  You can sync your notes with free Windows Live online storage andContinue reading “OneNote for iPhone Released – Free for Limited Time”

Targus iPad Stylus for the iPad AMM01US

    Targus had come out with an iPad stylus of their own for use with iPads, iTouches and iPhones.  I picked mine up at Best Buy yesterday. The first thing I noticed was that the stylus felt more substantial than the Pogo Sketch I had been using.  Also, the rubber like part that comes directlyContinue reading “Targus iPad Stylus for the iPad AMM01US”

DEVONthink® To Go

Soon, you will be able to take your DEVONthink library with you on your iPad. From the website.  “DEVONthink for Mac keeps your documents organized. But what about when you’re away from your keyboard? Put your documents in your pocket with DEVONthink To Go — the DEVONthink and DEVONnote companion for the iPad, iPhone, andContinue reading “DEVONthink® To Go”

Review: MindNode’s Mind Mapping Software

Mind Mapping…It’s an interesting term.  For those familiar with the concept, you will enjoy this simple to use software from MindNode.  For those who have not yet learned about this tool, I suggest learning more because it can help you organize your thoughts in a different and powerful way.  If you are wanting to learnContinue reading “Review: MindNode’s Mind Mapping Software”