LiquidText PDF Viewer

LiquidText – PDF and Document Reader for Annotating, Researching, Highlighting and More offers gesture based reading and annotating of documents. This app allows you to focus the relevant pages of a PDF and organize your notes. You can even share your annotations. This PDF reader app is designed to not only help you read PDFs, butContinue reading “LiquidText PDF Viewer”

DocReviewPad for iPad Released

DocReviewPad for iPad is the latest app from Lit Software and promises to make reviewing, bates numbering and producing documents for litigation easier and more helpful. This app is for lawyers, paralegals and others who need to organize and review electronic documents. The app allows you to import various documents, assign custom Bates numbers andContinue reading “DocReviewPad for iPad Released”

Index Card 4 – Corkboard Writing App

Index Card 4 is an app to help you write and organize your thoughts using a familiar index card analogy. Whether you are a writer, organizer, attorney or student, this app allow you to create high tech notecards and assemble them in useful ways. Any project requiring outlining or the use of notecards to organize the projectContinue reading “Index Card 4 – Corkboard Writing App”

Fantastical 2 for Mac Released

Flexibits has introduced a brand new version of Fantastical. This calendar and reminder app has been known for the ease of typing in plain english and watching the app convert it into the desired event or reminder. There are many improvements in this latest version, including the big screen calendar and reminder list. No longer isContinue reading “Fantastical 2 for Mac Released”

How to Add Keyboards to your iPad

It is possible to use keyboards other than the built in Apple iOS keyboard. There are several options for other keyboards. What is not usually clear is what to do after you buy the keyboard to make it work. This will walk you through the process. Download / Buy the Keyboard you wish to add fromContinue reading “How to Add Keyboards to your iPad”

Easy Annotate – Side by Side PDF Annotation

Easy Annotate Dual PDF Editor is a PDF mark up tool and more. It solves a problem that many have when reviewing PDFs for a project – the ability to see, side by side, two different PDFs. With this app, you can read, annotate, compare and link PDFs side by side. The app offers students, businessContinue reading “Easy Annotate – Side by Side PDF Annotation”

Day One – Capture Ideas and More

Whether you are simply looking to get your thoughts, ideas or journaling done painlessly or planning on keeping better track of your time as a New Years resolution, you should get Day One on your Mac and iOS devices. The iOS version of Day One is on sale through Dec. 26 for 99¢. The app was alsoContinue reading “Day One – Capture Ideas and More”