Boom2 for Mac Released

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This post has not a lot to do with an iPad. However, if you enjoy getting better sound out of your Mac, try Boom2. It is compatible with Yosemite. There is a 7 day trial period too.

As soon as it was installed, the difference in sound was apparent when playing music from iTunes.

You can review the features on the company page.

Another cool feature is the ability to run audio files through the app so they can play better on other devices like your iPad.

If you have a prior version of Boom, you can upgrade for a 50% discount. Compare the differences here.

Do yourself a favor and try the sound experience.

Setting up iCloud Drive


iCloud Drive Favorites

With the release of Yosemite, Apple’s latest operating system for Mac computers, a new feature/service has become available. iCloud Drive allows you to store various files, whether presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images or any other document. Once the materials are stored there, you can access them from your iOS devices running iOS 8. These include iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. Some apps you have may need or rely upon the ability to store files in iCloud Drive.

The process of upgrading or updating to iCloud Drive is straightforward. You will need to turn the service on both your iOS 8 devices and your Macs running Yosemite.

Starting the Service on Your Mac

On your Mac, go to System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive. Check that option to turn it on.

set up iCloud drive

You will be asked if you want to use this service. If you have other Macs that are not running Yosemite or devices that have not upgraded to iOS 8, you will not be able to access the documents stored in iCloud Drive until you have updated those devices.

You can then click on Options that will appear next to iCloud Drive and see which apps are using iCloud Drive to store information. Once set up, you will then be able to see the various folders and documents in iCloud Drive. The initial process may take a while…be patient.

iCloud Folder

It was not clear why many PDFs, Pages documents and other materials were copied into iCloud Drive from my Mac. For example, a 33 MB PDF on my computer appeared in the iCloud Preview Folder. Some of the materials may have been attachments in Mail or previously shared via iCloud –  but that is a guess. However, be prepared for large and small documents to be moved into the drive even if you did not plan on that.

At first, it was not understood why Spotlight seemed to “see” the documents on the iCloud drive. After disconnecting the internet from the Mac, it was noticed that the documents were still available. So, it appears that the documents in iCloud drive are moved to a iCloud Drive folder on your Mac for use, editing, etc.

You may need to do some initial pruning from iCloud Drive to delete or move files back to your Mac after the first set up. Make sure you have a backup or duplicate of the documents iCloud has moved in case you need that document before you delete it. You may simply want to drag the various documents moved into your documents folder on your Mac to empty your iCloud drive initially. For example, set up a folder on your Mac in the Documents folder called iCloud Moved Items. Then, move the items from your iCloud Drive into that folder for sorting. Be careful not to move other items that iOS apps may be using via iCloud folder or you will not have the materials available on your iOS devices.

Later you can set up your own folder in iCloud Drive and manually move the materials to iCloud Drive that you want to be there.

To delete files from iCloud Drive, simply select the materials to delete and move them to the trash. You may be warned that doing this will result in deleting the materials from your iOS devices too. iCloud Delete

Turning on the Service on Your iOS 8 Device

You will need to turn on the service on your iOS 8 device as well. Go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > and slide to On. You may be told that non iOS8 devices you own will not be able to use iCloud Drive until they are updated to iOS 8.

After you select the option to set up the drive, it may take a few minutes to complete the update.

iCloud Drive setup

Following Set Up

Apple explains that “To upload your files to iCloud, simply drag them into the iCloud Drive on your Mac running OS X Yosemite or PC running Windows 7 or later. Or start a new document using an iCloud-enabled app on your iOS device. Then you’ll be able to access those documents from all your devices.”

Remember, this is a new service. Use Time Machine to keep back ups.

You can learn more about iCloud Drive from Apple or iCloud Drive FAQ.

OmniFocus 2 for iPad Released

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OmniFocus 2 for iPad icon

When the built in reminders for your iOS device just doesn’t cut it and you are looking for a robust way to organize your work, school or life, OmniFocus 2 for iPad can do it. The new extension support alone is one main reason to upgrade.

OmniFocus Collage

The extension support, in iOS8, gives some apps the ability to talk with OmniFocus to allow quick creation or checking off of tasks. You can even see what task you have to perform in Today from the pull down menu on your iOS device without every having to fire up OmniFocus.

The app also feels much snappier and more responsive.


You can watch the app in action below.


The developer provides the following information about the new app:

• NEW Meticulously revamped user interface, designed for speed and comfort
• Reliable sync using our free service or your own server
• A flexible hierarchy: keep all your to-dos in one list or use as many levels of Folders, Projects, Groups, and Actions as you need to stay organized
• Assign contexts based on location, people, energy level—whatever you need to get the task accomplished
• Plan your day’s errands by listing nearby location-based contexts or viewing them on a map
• NEW Sharing Extension captures content from any app that has a Share button
• NEW Today Extension shows you OmniFocus items due today right in Notification Center
• Reminders Capture and OmniFocus Mail Drop for entering OmniFocus actions via Siri or email
• NEW Interactive notifications for nearby and due items let you mark complete (or snooze) without even opening the app
• NEW Edit and view estimated duration for actions
• NEW Search shows results from the current view or your entire OmniFocus database
• Add Photo and Audio attachments right on your iPad and view file attachments synced from other devices
• The sidebar’s Forecast row shows you how much is due in the next few days; open the Forecast perspective to see your due items alongside events from your iOS Calendar
• A dedicated Review perspective to make sure nothing falls through the cracks
• NEW OmniFocus syncs in the background so info you enter on other devices is ready when you are.

Starting from a solid, simple user experience, we added Pro features for customizing OmniFocus and making it even more powerful. Pro is available via In-App-Purchase and free to customers who purchased the v1 app:

• NEW Customize the sidebar to show just want you want, in the order you want it
• NEW Perspectives: save and revisit custom views for specific tasks or situations: “Show me the chores I can do in five minutes” or “What do I need to follow up on with the people from the planning meeting?”

Read that part again. If you are upgrading from V1, the Pro features are available for free as an in app purchase.

Learn more from Omni Group’s website. If you want to download the iBook user manual, click here.

How to Use Livescribe 3 Smartpen and Auto-Send to OneNote

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Livescribe icon OneNote 2.0 icon

With the latest update to Livescribe+ 1.3, you can set up the app to Auto-Send notes from any of the notebooks you write in to OneNote. The problem is, there were no directions on how to do this. After some trial and error, the solution was discovered. (Edit: There is now a post concerning this on Livescribe Blog page.)

[ To get 20$ off your Smartpen purchase from Livescribe, use my link. Enjoy! Please enter UBX15RAF93H2E at checkout (expires in 30 days). ]

Livescribe+ now has Auto-Send capabilities, which allows you to set up any Livescribe notebook with your Livescribe 3 smartpen to automatically send all your handwritten notes to a specific section in any of your OneNote notebooks.

LiveScribe and OneNote

First, set up a OneNote account and download the Microsoft OneNote App for Mac. (This explanation is for Macs. Presumably, the same thing would work with the iPad, iPhone and PC versions of the app.) Log into the OneNote App and create a new notebook like LiveScribe. Open the Notebook and name the first tab something like LS1. This named tab will be something you will be looking for when you go to send the notes to OneNote.

Second, download the latest update to Livescribe App and update your pen’s firmware.

Tap settings > Cloud Services > OneNote and enter your credentials. This will sign you into your OneNote account and authorize this app to access the OneNote notebooks. Give the app permission to do this when asked.

Now, write something in your LiveScribe Notebook and open the LiveScribe app to locate the page where you wrote the notes you want to send to OneNote.

At the bottom left, you will see the share icon. Tap it and choose OneNote. You will see a list of possible tabs in the various OneNote Notebooks you have. Thus, it is important to have tabs with different names so you will know which one you are trying to send the notes to. Tap on the name of the tab you want to send the notes to. The notes will sync.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 4.17.48 PM

Open your OneNote app. Go to the notebook and tabbed section where you sent the note. In the right column, you will see the page number of the notebook your notes are on. Tap that and the notes will be brought over into the OneNote page.

Your notes should now appear as a clipping in your notebook.

Presumably, a similar method exists for sending notes to Evernote.

Together for iOS Released

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Together icon

If you have been using Together on your Mac, you may be glad to know that the universal iOS version of Together has been just been released. This app can work independently on your iPad or iPhone and is supposed to allow you to access your Mac App Store Together iCloud library on the go.  You can read more about the iOS version from the company web site.

If you are not familiar with Together, think of it as a high-tech scrapbook that allows you to easily clip and keep notes, documents, images, movies, thoughts, sounds, web pages and more organized and collected.

The Mac App store version allows you to store information on iCloud so you can share your library across your Macs. The difference between the Mac App store version of Together and the one available directly from the developer boils down to the Mac App store version can sync with iCloud and the other does not.

Together Screen Shot Shelf


In portrait mode on your iPad, swipe from left to right on the screen to expose the shelf after seeing the welcome page.

The promise of the universal iOS version is that now, all of the information and bits that have been gathered on Together on the Mac can be taken on the go and transferred from what you do on the go to your Mac. In my personal experience and those of others who have posted reviews on the app store, the syncing is not working as is expected. There is no doubt that the issues will be resolved by the developer soon.

If you have not checked out the Together for Mac app, do yourself a favor and do so. The ability to clip and store bits of information, notes, images and more while working on different projects in different apps is a great tool that is always available from a handy tab on the side of your screen.

The developer explains “If you’re already using Together for Mac, then Together for iPad and iPhone will look both welcomingly familiar and work as naturally as you would expect on your iPhone or iPad, with everything just a few taps away. Your library will show all your groups, folders and favorites in the Groups view, along with tags, labels and ratings in the Tags view.”

If you have the App Store version for your Mac, make sure you are running the latest version by opening App store and see if Together needs to be updated.

Together iCloud

You can even encrypt items with a password to keep information private until it is viewed then automatically encrypted again.

iCloud Sync Setup

From the Help section of Mac App Store version of  Together, you can learn how to move a library to iCloud. If you have been using Together on your Mac, as with anything you may sync for the first time, make a back up of your Together libraries first.

Next, File > Library > Move to iCloud

According to the developer – it is possible to store libraries either on your computer or in iCloud with the Mac App Store version. When stored in iCloud, libraries are synced automatically with iCloud whenever your computer is online, and will still be available when your computer is offline. Once a library is stored in iCloud, you do not need to do anything else for it to sync.

Together only opens one library at a time, but it is possible to have multiple libraries and to switch between them. To do that on your Mac, Choose File > Library from the menu.

Here you will see a list of libraries, plus options to open a library that isn’t listed, create a new library, or reveal the library in the Finder.

If you are using a version of OS X before 10.8, you cannot move libraries to iCloud. Instead you can import libraries into an iCloud library. See Importing other Together libraries for instructions.

If a library is synced with iCloud, it is possible to stop syncing it by moving it to a local folder:

Choose File > Library > Move to Local Folder from the menu

Choose a location for the library on your computer.

The developer has explained the pricing of the apps given the new introduction of the iOS app.

Pricing & Availability

Together for iPad and iPhone 1.0 requires iOS 7.1 and later and can be purchased on the App Store at the introductory price of $9.99. It’s a universal app, so the same version will work on both iPhone and iPad.

Together for Mac

Together 3.2 from the Mac App Store is required to share libraries with Together for iPad and iPhone, as only Mac App Store apps can use iCloud. Existing Together users who’ve purchased Together 3.0 or later from the Mac App Store will automatically get Together 3.2 as a free upgrade.

It is not possible to transfer licenses to the Mac App Store version, but if you have purchased Together 3 for Mac directly from Reinvented Software in the last 120 days and would like to transfer to the Mac App Store version, please get in touch.

For everyone else, Together 3.2 on the Mac App Store will be half-price at $19.99 for one month following its release.


If you have been a fan of Together for Mac, you will want this app. If you are looking for a way to keep ideas, thoughts and bits of information organized and accessible and synced, you may want to wait for the kinks to be ironed out. When this happens, this app is sure to be a welcomed addition to those not comfortable storing their lives and details on third party apps like Dropbox and Evernote because the information remains with you and on Apple iCloud.

The Together Mac app is available separately via the Mac App store (iCloud sync ability) or directly from the developer (without iCloud sync) and appears to be discounted substantially now that the iOS version has just been released.

WritePad for iPad Sale (limited time)


WritePad for iPad icon

If you are considering buying a note taking app that converts your handwriting to text, check out WritePad for iPad on sale now for 99¢. The app is normally priced at $9.99.

iPad Screenshot 1

The developer describes the app as follows:

WritePad is an advanced notetaker app that lets you to take notes in your own handwriting, which is immediately converted to the digital text using PhatWare’s state-of-the-art handwriting recognition software. You can also use simple gestures to select text, cut, copy, paste, and insert special characters.

WritePad has a spell checker with its own custom dictionary, a context analyzer, auto-corrector, and a Shorthand feature that fills-in words and phrases you frequently use, once entered into the Shorthand Editor.
iPad Screenshot 4
WritePad lets you save and transfer notes over Wi-Fi from your iPad to another iPhone or iPad, or synchronize your notes with Box, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and iTunes.

iPad Screenshot 5
In the beginning the recognition quality may depend on your style and how comfortable you feel writing on the iPad screen; however the more you use it, the better it will become as the software will adapt to your patterns. In addition, you can use simple gestures to select text, cut, copy, paste, insert special characters such as space and return, invoke the spell checker for the selected word, correct recognized text, and more. You can further improve recognition quality by modifying the user dictionary and the Autocorrector word list.

Benefits and Features

– Create and edit text documents using the advanced handwriting recognition engine or iPad keyboard for text entry in landscape or portrait mode.

– Improve productivity by utilizing inline gestures, spell checker, context analyzer, and shorthand features.

– Statistical analyzer, which improves overall handwriting recognition quality by addressing common recognition errors. If this feature is enabled, WritePad will learn the user’s own handwriting style.

– Email, Tweet, Print, or post Facebook updates directly from WritePad.

– Synchronize WritePad documents with Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, SkyDrive, iCloud, and iTunes.

– Translate documents to 16 supported languages using Bing Translator.

– Change WritePad’s appearance by manipulating text, page, and ink colors using the customizable Styles feature.

Document Synchronization support:
– Box
– Dropbox
– Evernote
– Google Drive
– iTunes (direct to PC)
– iCloud
– SkyDrive
– WiFi (direct to device)

Supported Handwriting Recognition Languages:
-English (UK, US)
-Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal)

UI translated to the following languages:

You can watch a recent demo of the app below.

Apps for Attorneys (and others)

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Thanks to the folks at Technolawyer for choosing this post as the Technolawyer Blawgworld Pick of the Week January 23, 2014.


With the new year and new resolutions being made, this is the perfect time to consider digital apps to work with your iPad. There does not seem to be a single place that has organized the different apps available into a one stop site. This is my attempt to do so.

Whether you are a lawyer, law student or work for a law firm, perhaps you have promised yourself that you will go more digital and be more paperless. If so, consider the apps below to help you practice law better with your iPad.

Case Organization

  • TrialPad

iPad Screenshot 1

This $89.99 app helps you present and display information and exhibits to a jury or judge. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • Circus Ponies NoteBook

iPad Screenshot 2

This $29.99 app helps you organize information, documents and materials in a familiar notebook form. You can even sync it with the Mac version of the app. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • Outline+

iPad Screenshot 1

This $14.99 digital notebook app is similar to OneNote and can be used with Outline for Mac. You can download and learn more here.

Transcript Reviewers

  • Transcript Pad

iPad Screenshot 1

This $89.99 app allows you to review and mark up deposition and other TXT file transcripts. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • iAnnotate PDF

iPad Screenshot 3

This $9.99 app allows you to read and mark up PDF, DOC, PPT and other files and share your annotations via Dropbox, WebDav, Email, etc. You can download the app and learn more here.

Note Taking Apps

  • Notes Plus

iPad Screenshot 2

This $9.99 app (50% off right now at $4.99) is perhaps one of the best note taking and paper pad replacement apps out there. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • Penultimate

iPad Screenshot 4

This free app provides a digital handwriting experience that combines with Evernote to make your notes searchable and available via the internet. You can download and learn more here.

Word Processing

  • Pages

iPad Screenshot 4

This $9.99 word processing app made by Apple can be used to write letters, draft memos and more and uses iCloud to make your documents available to you via the internet. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • Textilus

iPad Screenshot 1

This $5.99 word processor and editor can be used to edit and create Microsoft Word and other documents on your iPad. You can download and learn more here.

Legal Research

  • Westlaw Next

iPad Screenshot 1

This app allows you to research your Westlaw Next account as well as share, highlight and save information for specific projects and clients. Learn more about the app here.

  • Lexis Advance HD

iPad Screenshot 2

This app allows you to conduct your legal research from LexisNexis with your Lexis Advance subscription. Learn more about this app here.

Organizational Notes and Reminder Apps

  • Reminders

The free Reminders app is built into your iOS and lets you set location – or time ‑ based alerts for things you need to get done — even recurring ones. iCloud keeps this information synced on all your devices.

  • Notes

Apple’s free built in Notes app is a great place to write or edit a quick note and have it sync with your Mac, other device or internet via iCloud.

  • Drafts

iPad Screenshot 3

This $2.99 app is the one starting point for quick note taking, gathering and entering of ideas and things to do. Open this app, type in text and send it to another app, email or reminder. You can learn more about this app here.

Jury Selection Apps

  • JuryPad

iPad Screenshot 1

A jury selection tool for $24.99. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • iJuror

iPad Screenshot 1

A juror selection tool for $19.99. You can download the app and learn more here.

The American Bar Association has also reviewed some of the above apps and you can learn more from here.

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