Apple adds iAd App

For a while, Apple has been pushing the idea of iAd as a way to uniquely present advertisements to consumers on the idevices.  Steve Jobs argues that iAd is a way to have the consumer experience both interactivity and emotion. Apple explains the advertising idea here. Now, Apple is offering an app for you toContinue reading “Apple adds iAd App”

Procreate Drawing App – Limited Time Free

For a very limited time, you can get Procreate, an app that normally sells for $7.99 for free. This is a drawing app. (Before downloading, make sure it is still free) According to the developer’s description… ★ Insane limited offer!! Regular price $7.99 – now FREE ★ Procreate might just be the most exciting digital paintingContinue reading “Procreate Drawing App – Limited Time Free”

GMail Motion May Work on iPad7

Google has announced a new system to input and control mail without a keyboard. The proprietary technology relies on a camera and body motions. The chart of body movements will encourage efficient entry of information and will result in a good cardio workout at the same time. You can download the guide motion_printable_guide. Enjoy this newContinue reading “GMail Motion May Work on iPad7”

iTunes Charts and iTunes U

  Feeling like a lemming. Want to download what others think are good apps? Just want to peruse the app store to see what is selling well? Apple has a site for you to visit. iTunes Charts lets you browse the top apps (paid or free), TV shows, albums, songs, etc. are at the moment.Continue reading “iTunes Charts and iTunes U”

GTD Software (Planning, Calendaring, etc.)

I have been trying out different GTD (Getting Things Done) software on the iPad for some time and too busy to do the kind of review necessary. I wanted to be able to give an overview of the software, capabilities and differences of each. Generally, GTD software is supposed to help you organize your lifeContinue reading “GTD Software (Planning, Calendaring, etc.)”

TrialPad – Presenting and Annotating in Real Time

TrialPad is an app for your iPad that allows you to “present” PDFs on screens. What is unique about this program is that you can, in real time, annotate the documents for the jury, class or audience. Annotations can consist of highlighting with yellow boxes, writing in a red felt tip marker or redacting withContinue reading “TrialPad – Presenting and Annotating in Real Time”