iPadOS 16 Public Beta Available

If you are interested in a taste of the future iPadOS and are willing to risk some potential issues, you can join and participate in the public beta program with Apple. This program allows you to download a beta version, as it currently stands, and as it progresses to final release. For example, you canContinue reading “iPadOS 16 Public Beta Available”

iPadOS and iOS 14.8 Security Update

Apple has released a series of updates to address maliciously crafted exploits. Users are encouraged to update promptly. These updates include WatchOS and MacOS. Some of the details can be found here and include: CoreGraphics Available for: iPhone 6s and later, iPad Pro (all models), iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later,Continue reading “iPadOS and iOS 14.8 Security Update”

Apple Event September 14, 2021

Apple has announced an event that will stream on September 14, 2021 at 10 a.m. PDT. You can view the online event at Apple.com or on the Apple TV app. No official products have been announced. There is speculation that Apple may announce iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, new AirPods, or other hardware including iPadContinue reading “Apple Event September 14, 2021”

Zoom Update – Share Multiple Programs

The latest update to Zoom Desktop (5.4.3) adds several new and enhanced features. The ability to share multiple open programs at once has been added. The new feature is described as follows: Share multiple programs at once Users can select multiple desktop programs at once for sharing, instead of sharing their entire desktop. Other programs andContinue reading “Zoom Update – Share Multiple Programs”

iWork for iOS Updates

Apple has release updates for iWork for Mac and iOS versions. The updates include trackpad support with iPad OS 13.4, new themes and iCloud Drive folder sharing. Keynote has new features like: Edit shared presentations while offline and your changes will upload when you’re back online. Requires iPadOS or iOS 13. Learn more Touch and hold,Continue reading “iWork for iOS Updates”

Hanx Writer – Hi-Tech Keyboard Old School Feel

Hanx Writer is a really nifty app for those who enjoy typing or want to switch up the feel of your keyboard. Basically, the app gives you the opportunity to type using a realistic typewriter GUI. The sounds and motions of the moving parts are recreated with accuracy. Your screen can be used as the keyboardContinue reading “Hanx Writer – Hi-Tech Keyboard Old School Feel”