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iOS 10.2 Released

iOS 10

Today, Apple has released iOS 10.2 including new features like the TV app for United States only. The app provides a “new and unified experience for accessing your TV shows and movies across multiple video apps.” Also, Apple claims the “emoji have been beautifully redesigned to reveal even more detail and over 100 new emoji have been added including new faces, food, animals, sports, and professions.”

Before any iOS update, you should make a backup of your iOS device.

To obtain the download, connect to Wi-Fi then tap on Settings > General > Software Update. The update weighs in at over 300 MB.

This update also includes stability improvements and bug fixes.


Use Up Next to see the movies and shows you’re currently watching and pick up where you left off

Get recommendations for new movies and TV shows in Watch Now

Discover new apps and the latest iTunes releases in the Store

Access the Library for your iTunes purchases and rentals


Beautifully redesigned emoji that reveal even more detail

Over 100 new emoji including new faces, food, animals, sports, and professions


Improves stabilization and delivers faster frame rate for Live Photos

Improves accuracy of groupings of similar photos of the same person in the People album

Fixes an issue where Memories might generate a memory from photos of screenshots, whiteboards or receipts

Fixes an issue where the camera would stay zoomed in after switching back from the Camera Roll on iPhone 7 Plus

Additional support for RAW digital cameras


Adds new love and celebration full screen effects in Messages

Fixes an issue that sometimes prevented the keyboard from displaying in Messages


Swipe up the Now Playing screen to more easily access Shuffle, Repeat and Up Next

Choose how to sort Playlists, Albums, and Songs in Library


Stories you’ve saved for later now appear the new Saved section

The best paid stories from channels you subscribe to will now appear in a dedicated section in For You

It’s now easier than ever to get to the next story, just swipe left or tap Next Story while reading


Fixes an issue that caused the Move sheet to persist after filing a Mail message

Addresses an issue with long press activating copy and paste in Mail

Fixes an issue in which the wrong message would be selected after deleting a Mail conversation


Adds BraillePen14 support to VoiceOver

Fixes an issue where the braille table could switch unexpectedly with VoiceOver

Fixes an issue where sometimes Siri enhanced voices were unavailable to VoiceOver

Fixes an issue where VoiceOver users could not re-order items in lists

Fixes an issue where Switch Control was sometimes unable to delete Voicemails

Other improvements and fixes

Adds notification support for HomeKit accessories including window coverings, occupancy, motion, door/window, smoke, carbon monoxide, and water leak sensors

Adds notification support for HomeKit accessories when software updates are available to HomeKit accessories

Improves Bluetooth performance and connectivity with 3rd party accessories

Fixes an issue that could cause FaceTime participants to appear out of focus

Fixes an issue that could cause FaceTime calls to appear with incorrect aspect ratio and orientation

Fixes an issue that prevented some Visual Voicemail from completing playback

Fixes a Safari Reader issue that could cause articles to open as empty pages

Fixes an issue that could cause Safari to quit unexpectedly after marking an item as read in Reading List.

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Pixelmator Update Quick Selection Tool

Pixelmator icon

Pixelmator is an incredibly useful and full-featured image editor that also allows you to sketch or draw with layers.

The newest update includes the Quick Selection Tool, a precise Magnetic Selection Tool and other improvements and fixes.

According to the developer, the fixes and improvements include:

• The advanced Quick Selection Tool lets you make incredibly accurate selections.
• The smart Magnetic Selection Tool snaps precisely to the objects you trace.
• Many small, but awesome changes improve the selection experience on iOS.

Pixelmator Space Suit
Selection improvements:
• When making selections, you can now tap Invert to invert your selection.
• The outline of selections made with the Color Selection Tool is more precise thanks to a content-aware smoothing algorithm.
• The all-new marching ants design improves performance and has ants that actually march around your selections.
• The Color Selection Tool is now faster (especially on older devices).
• Added a Create New selection mode, which is now the default.
• A live preview of your final selection is now shown when using the Add or Subtract selection modes.
• You can now transform selections in the Arrange pane.
• Selections now snap to layers and the canvas, just like layers do (but you can turn this off by turning off Guides).
• Selections made with the Free Selection, Rectangle Selection, and Ellipse Selection tools now always snap to pixels, meaning there won’t be any unwanted, half-transparent pixels at the edges of a selection when you copy, delete, or transform it.
• The selection paths of the Free Selection Tool are now made up of twice as many points, which makes them smoother.
• When you open up Select with an already selected area, the selection tool that you were using previously will automatically become active.
• When moving a selected area, dragging inside the selection will move it, and dragging outside the selection will now pan the image.
• The selection outline that is added as you select with the Free Selection Tool now has a subtle animation.
• When making selections with the Quick Selection or Color Selection tools, the selection preview now fades into the marching ants.
• Tapping Undo after transforming a selected area sometimes used to make that area flicker. Fixed.
• When using the Free Selection Tool, quickly tapping could sometimes make really small selections instead of adding points. Fixed.

Improvements and bug fixes:
• Use a two finger double tap to zoom in or zoom to fit.
• The 9:16 aspect ratio is now in the list of ratios in Crop.
• The request to let Pixelmator access your Photos library wouldn’t appear if you tried to save to Photos before having opened an image from Photos – it does now.
• If you use Copy to Photos to save a new image to your Photos library, you’ll now be able to use Save to Photos to save over that new image.
• If you drag a layer that is not selected (the transform handles aren’t visible) and it does not fit in the screen, the layer will not be moved. To move it – first, tap to select it.
• When you hold two fingers to rotate a layer but one or both fingers are outside the currently selected layer, other layers in your image will not be selected – first tap to select the layer you want to rotate, then hold two fingers inside it to start rotating.
• Zoom animations are a little more smooth as they now have subtle ease-out transitions.

Apple Pencil improvements and bug fixes:
• When using Apple Pencil, the brush size of the Quick Selection Tool is pressure-sensitive.
• Selections made using Apple Pencil and the Free Selection Tool are now more accurate.
• The transform handle area is now smaller, giving you more precision.

Pixelmator for iPhone improvements:
• The Select and Distort tool choosers are now laid out more symmetrically.
• The selection mode in the Select tool chooser is highlighted more clearly.
• Tapping to choose a selection mode will now close the Select tool chooser.

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iOS 9 Bug for 9.7 iPad Pro Owners?

iOS9 logo

Several websites are reporting that 9.7 iPad Pro owners who have tried to update to the latest iOS operating system are having an error message and their iPads can’t be used. MacWorld has published an article here about this issue. The problem seems to be limited to certain brand-new 9.7-inch iPad Pros.

So, if you have a new iPad Pro 9.7 inch version, you may want to wait a little longer before updating.

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OmniOutliner 2 Updated

OmniOutliner for iPad icon

Omnigroup’s OmniOutliner has been updated. The app has amazing outlining features that allow you to organize your ideas, thoughts and projects. You can create hierarchies, columns, styling, check boxes and more to capture all your ideas or you can use it as a simple outlining tool.


With OmniOutliner you can choose from an existing template or design your own style.


This latest update has the following fixes:
• Export: CSV export now contains any visible notes.
• Export: CSV export no longer drops whitespace between styles applied to text spans.
• Export: CSV export now retains line breaks.
• Localization: All localizations have been updated for recent changes.
• Misc: The Undo/Redo menu will now appear with the correct dimensions.



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Notes – How to Turn on Password Protection

Notes Icon

In iOS 9.3, you now have the ability to protect notes created in the Notes App.

To turn on the password feature, tap Settings > Notes > Password.

You will the be prompted to enter a password. You can also use Touch ID on devices with this feature. If you forget your password, you will not be able to view your locked notes.

Locking your notes keeps them private from others who might use your Mac or iOS device. Notes uses a single password to lock all your notes (both notes in your iCloud account and notes stored on your device).

When you create a password for the notes on one device, all other devices that use the same iCloud account use that password too.

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Fantastical Updated

Fantastical iPad icon

Fantastical is a great alternative to Apple’s iCal app for the iPad and Mac. This calendar app has several advantages over Apple’s built in calendar app. The ability to view more and enter events easily is a big plus.

Fantastical iPad2 Screenshot

You can watch the app in action from this video. You should take note of the ease of entering events using natural language whether by typing or with your voice as well as the screen space that allows you to see more of the upcoming events.

The ability to search for upcoming events is nice as well because you can focus on the title, location, invitees as well. In terms of customization, you can change from Dark to Light mode too.

The new version of Fantastical has the following improvements:

– Can now tap and hold on an event in the week view to move, duplicate, or delete it
– Fixed an issue where some birthdays could appear with the incorrect age
– Fixed the time shifting incorrectly when changing an event to floating time zone
– Various fixes and improvements