Pages – How to Name Your Document

So, you downloaded Pages, typed your novel, letter, or thoughts and now…how do you name it?

First, if you have your document open in Pages, at the top left, tap on My Documents.

At the bottom of the document organizer, you will see the title “Blank.” Tap on that to bring up the keyboard to type the name of the document.







When the Keyboard appears, type the name you want to give the document.


Tap “Done.”

Voila…!  A newly named document in Pages.


Over 300,000 iPads Sold First Day

According to Apple’s own PR page, it sold over 300,000 iPads in the US as of midnight Saturday, April 3, 2010.  (So, technically, with stores opening or deliveries beginning around 9:00 or 10:00 am and assuming 16 hours of store sales, that is more than 18,750 iPads an hour or over 312 per minute or a little more than 5 per second.)  This includes in store sales, pre-ordered iPads and deliveries to channel partners.

Interestingly, this is more than the approximately 270,000 original iPhones sold in the first 30 hours of availability.

Keynote’s Laser Pointer Tool

When presenting in Keynote from your iPad, instead of carrying around a laser pointer, use your finger.

The laser pointer tool in Keynote lets you accentuate your point with the effect of a laser light pointer, with a comet like trail.

To activate the pointer, touch and hold anywhere on your iPad screen.  A red-and-white point appears beneath your finger.  While holding your finger down, trace your finger to the point(s) you want to emphasize and the laser pointer follows.  Lift your finger to turn off the pointer and resume.

Pages for iPad – Let the Tips Begin…

So, you got questions about how to use Pages on an iPad?  Apple has the answers on its FAQ page.

What file formats does Pages support?

How do I bring documents into Pages?

How do I share documents from Pages?

How can I print my Pages documents from iPad?

What do I need to know about fonts?

Will there be changes to a Pages for Mac document that I import?

How about a guided tour?  Go to this page and click on Pages for a video tour.

If you need a a user manual for the iPad, you can download it here.

UPS Delivers iPad today

I have started the process of updating, syncing, etc.  You need to set aside a good bit of time to do this.  Remember what it was like to sync an iPod or iPhone the first time?

You will need to play with some of the settings to get them right.  Take your time.  It is very tempting to hurry things up.

While everything is syncing, consider which apps you want on which screens of your iPad.  I am trying to have only about 3 horizontal rows of apps on each page.

As to iBooks, you will find a pleasant surprise in your library.  Winnie the Pooh.  It even has the watercolor pictures.

iPad Apps Available

Apple’s iTunes store now has apps available for download for the iPad.  You can begin downloading now, even without an iPad.  Interestingly, a couple of apps mention being compatible with iPhone OS 3.2…which, as of now, is not out.  So, look for an iPhone OS update soon.

Apps on iPad (Credit Apple, Inc.)

Of course, Apple Inc.’s own iWork apps Keynote, Pages and Numbers are available at $9.99 each already.

How much will you spend before you even have an iPad in hand?

iPad How To Videos Posted

Apple has added some new videos to watch while you wait for you iPad to arrive.

New information about how to use some programs becomes known.  For example, holding down on an image, message, etc. presents the user with pop up options on how to act on that object.

The video tour topics include Safari, Mail, Photos, Videos, YouTube, iPod, iTunes, iBooks, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.

The teaser trailers put you one step closer to knowing what it is like to operate one of the new devices.

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