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iOS 9.3.2 Update

iOS9 logo

Apple has released the latest version of iOS 9. The notes state the following issues have been addressed in this download.

• Fixes an issue where some Bluetooth accessories could experience audio quality issues when paired to the iPhone SE
• Fixes an issue where looking up dictionary definitions could fail
• Addresses an issue that prevented typing email addresses when using the Japanese Kana keyboard in Mail and Messages
• Fixes and issue for VoiceOver users using the Alex voice, where the device switches to a different voice to announce punctuation or spaces
• Fixes an issue that prevented MDM servers from installing Custom B2B app

As always, make sure to back up your device before installing the update.

To update, tap Settings > General > Software Update.

Separately, make sure you know your password as it will be required to install the update and used immediately following the restart.

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MacJournal Update and Sale

MacJournal for iPad icon 1.9

MacJournal for iPad, a serious journaling and note making app for the iPad, was updated to version 1.9. The updated features include the following:

-Create entries in multiple journals
-Attach images to your entries
-Edit styles in entries (including font sizes, styles, and colors)
-Using Dropbox, manage multiple MacJournal
documents, that can reside on your device
-Share entries to Facebook and Twitter
-Create entries in multiple journals
-Lock MacJournal to require a pass code for security
-Search or browse entries using the search field
-Customize the display of journals and entries
-Journal in either landscape or portrait mode
-Organize journals using Smart Journals

MacJournal iPad Pro

This weekend, the app is on sale for 99¢. MacJournal allows you to organize and chronicle events and take notes. It even can work with blog services like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and more. You can also share your data over the clod with your other Mac OS and iOS devices.

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TrialPad Optimized for iPadPro

TrialPad 4 icon

TrialPad is an app used by lawyers and litigators to organize and present information for judges, jurors and mediators. A more thorough review will be provided in the near future. However, there have been major improvements made that include the following:

* iPad Pro resolution support.
* Content is sharp and crisp and the layout is designed the iPad Pro.
* Increased amount of content on the screen:
* More cases viewable in the Cases Screen.
* Longer file names and information can be displayed in landscape orientation.
* More room to preview what is shown on the external display.
* The iPad Pro can display the document list and whole preview window while in portrait orientation.
* Apple Smart Keyboard support, use to quickly find a document.
* Support for presenting in portrait orientation.
* Documents, Multimedia , and Key Docs tabs retain their respective scroll position when switching between tabs.
* Split Screen mode changes:
* Active document is now prominently highlighted from underneath.
* Inactive document is dimmed when an annotation mode is activated, so you know which document you are working with.
* Full screen mode (Expand button) has been re-designed to take advantage of Apple’s new APIs.
* Collapsing the master view was previously something we had to work around Apple’s APIs to accomplish, but now it is officially supported.
* The animation to collapse and expand is now smoother.
* Showing and hiding the document list has been re-designed to look and behave like Apple’s Apps, with the arrows on the top left and the “Documents” back button to show the Documents list.
* The PDF viewer has been completely rewritten using Swift and Apple’s latest APIs:
* For better performance, stability, and compatibility with the latest OS features.
* For the additional capabilities under the hood that we will exploit soon, such as the change the scroll direction of pages to left-right, and scroll direction of documents to up-down.
* Smoother animations of zooming into documents.
* Annotating:
* Apple pencil support when using the laser tool (it automatically offsets when using your finger, but not when using the Apple Pencil).
* Straight line tool now snaps to 90 degree angles.
* Highlights can now overlap without multiplying and making darker shades.
* New Snapshot tool.
* A snapshot can be taken of any document with its annotations and callouts.
* Snapshots can also be taken of multiple documents displayed in Split Screen mode.
* Snapshots are collected into a new Snapshots folder.
* Snapshots can be printed or exported to another app, e.g. Keynote.
* You can now create Key Docs from multiple documents and/or folders of documents.
* You can now import page-level issue codes as Key Docs from DocReviewPad Production Set.
* User Guide is now included in app as a PDF that can be viewed in QuickLook or downloaded and printed.
* Blank/Freeze/Present buttons are now always visible, but greyed out when not available.

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OneNote – Embed Office Documents

OneNote 2.0 icon

Microsoft’s OneNote is a great app for capturing, sharing and organizing ideas, thoughts and various snippets. This ultimate electronic scrapbook can sync between your iOS device and your Mac version.

OneNote Screenshot with Handwriting

It takes a little while to wrap your head around the idea of the tabs and pages concept of organizing. But, once you do, it makes sense. Whether you are taking notes in class, working on a project or organizing a trip, this app allows you to store and organize the bits of stuff you need.

There is even a hand writing recognition built into the app. So, for example, you can take a picture of a hand written note, put it into OneNote and then, search or copy your hand written notes.

The experience of using this function has not been the most reliable or consistent.

This is how to use the feature, according to Microsoft:

OneNote supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a process that recognizes text shown in pictures. OneNote can extract the text it recognizes in pictures so you can paste it elsewhere in your notes (or into another app), where you can edit and format the text as needed. This offers a convenient way to capture useful and important information that you would otherwise have to manually retype (for example, text on a business card or on a printed purchase receipt).

Suitable pictures for text recognition include photos you’ve taken with a cell phone or other type of camera, screenshots you’ve taken on your Mac, and images you’ve scanned with a flatbed or portable scanner.

Do the following:

  1. Scan or snap a picture of the text you want to capture.
  2. Insert or paste the picture on any page in OneNote.
  3. Control-click the picture, and then click Copy Text from Picture.TIP: Depending on the complexity, legibility, and the amount of text shown in the picture you’ve inserted, this command may not be immediately available on the menu that appears when you Control-click the picture. If OneNote is still reading and converting the text in the image, wait a few moments and then try again.
  4. In your notes (or in any other app), place the cursor where you want to paste the copied text, and then press Command-V.


The success I have had with the feature does not come close to what Evernote can do. However, the ability to store and sync snippets of information as well as share with others is quite good.

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iScore Baseball – Softball Scorekeeper

iScore icon

If you attend baseball or softball games and have an itch to track the game or keep up with the stats, iScore is a great way to do it. Even better, you can share the game with others who may not be able to make it to the game.

The app is capable of capturing almost as much information as you can stand or as little as you want to get by.

Right now, the app is free. It is normally $9.99.

iScore Screen field

Check out iScore at the app store.

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Westlaw Update Improvements

Westlaw icon image

Westlaw, an app that allows you to access your Westlaw account to perform legal research on the go, has been updated with a redesigned home screen on the iPad.

Westlaw Home Screen

Improvements include:

– Added the ability to grow the font size of documents on iPhone
– Added a filter for dockets on the Updates page
– Added intro screens for new users on iPhone
– General UI improvements and fixes

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OmniFocus 2 – Updated

OmniFocus 2 for iPad icon

OmniFocus 2 is an incredible task manager for your iOS devices. This universal iOS app with Apple Watch support, provides a flexible system for getting your ideas, projects and tasks entered, organized and checked off.

OmniFocus Collage

The latest update provides the following improvements:

• Pasteboard Format — OmniFocus now uses TaskPaper text as a pasteboard format (on iOS only, for now), which means much more metadata is available to other applications when copying and pasting. For an example, copy a repeating action that has a project and context assigned and paste into Mail or Notes.
• omnifocus:///add? URLs — Many more parameters are available for /add urls. For more information, check out the draft documentation thread on discourse.
• x-callback URLs — We now support x-callback URLS for /add, /paste, and navigation URLs like /inbox. We also support x-cancel and x-success.
• Dates and Times — Updated the parser used when processing /add URLs to be more flexible.
• Crash — Fixed a crash when trying to delete the No Context row, which is no longer possible.

If you are looking for a trusted system to enter, organize and monitor your tasks, OmniFocus 2 is a great app to look at and use.