Outline+ Now Supports iCloud Drive

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Outline+ icon

Outline+ with OneNote Compatibility has been updated to support iCloud Drive. This app is a full featured note-taking app that can be used by students, teachers, lawyers, and other professionals.

Outline Screenshot

The recent update includes the following fixes and improvements:
– Added support for two-factor authentication to OneDrive
– Highlighting of the handwritten text works more smoothly
– Fixed some issues with spellcheck behavior
– Corrected the copy-and-paste method of numbered and bulleted lists
– Fixed crash while logging in Dropbox
– Various bug fixes and improvements

The app not only works with OneNote, but its own Mac version called Outline. The Mac version of the app can be a OneNote replacement or stand alone app. If you have been looking for an that allows you to organize and capture notes, consider Outline+.


MindNode Updated for iPad

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MindNode icon

MindNode for iPad has been updated to version 4.0 to work with the brand new MindNode for Mac version. There are new features as well.

Mindmapping is a great process for organizing your thoughts, projects, goals and more. These apps makes the process easy, fun and useful.

The new features include:

• Notes – a great way to add more content to your ideas
• Connection Labels – enhance your cross connections with context
• Stickers – a custom set of colored and tinted icons
• Apple Watch app – view your important documents as an outline
• New Styles and new content inspector – add shapes, borders and strokes to your nodes
• Improved Layout – Better manual layout and new Smart Layout options
• Personal Theme – makes it easier to create your personal style
• New custom user interface font

One of the helpful new features is the content inspector view, shown below. With this view, you can change various settings of the specific node you are working on.

MindNode Outline View

Another new feature that helps is the outline view, shown on the right side of the screen, that allows you to see and organize your thoughts in a more traditional way.

MindNode Outline View

Using the Cloud Service with MindNode

Now, you can use iCloud and DropBox to sync maps created with MindNode. On the iPad app, tap the gear icon and under sharing, turn on the iCloud or DropBox service. There is also a MyMindNode service as well.

On the Mac version, make sure you have your iCloud drive service on. (System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Options and MindNode selected.) Then, when you go to save a MindNode document, make sure it is saved to the MindNode – iCloud folder.

MindNode iCloud Save

When you open the app on your iPad, you will have the option to select a cloud service at the top left of the screen. Make sure your iPad is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular service to update the data stored in the cloud.

MindNode Cloud

Tap on the appropriate selection. For example, if you want to view documents stored in iCloud, tap iCloud Drive. The documents you have saved from your Mac of prior MindNode for iPad sessions, should be available to you.


MindNode is one of the best mind mapping apps that easily allows you to work from your Mac or iOS device and sync the projects you are creating.

How to Shuffle Playlist in Music on iPad or iPhone

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Music icon 8

Let’s say you’ve made your music playlist and want to listen to it shuffled instead of the alphabetical order it appears on your iOS device, How can you do that?

Go to Music > Playlists and select the Playlist you have created either on your iOS device or transferred from your computer. The name of your playlist will appear in the center. Here, it is called “Apple Watch.”

With one finger, touch the screen in the area where the names of the songs appear and pull down.

Playlist on iOS device


You will see Shuffle and the shuffle icon appear.

Shuffle Playlist

Tap on the shuffle icon and listen to your shuffled playlist.


iOS 9 Previewed at WWDC


iOS9 logo

Apple announced some of the new features to be introduced in iOS9 to be released later this Fall. You can review many of the changes at the iOS9 page.

There many many tweaks announced. However, some of the more pleasant surprises include the ability to split the screen and have two apps running side by side. This feature may only run on the iPad Air.

Separately, in terms of usability, the keyboard will be the equivalent of a touch pad with a two finger gesture. This will allow “scrolling” of the cursor on the screen as well as the ability to select, copy and paste. The enhanced keyboard will also include additional tools for this purpose.

iOS9 Screen in Screen

Another neat feature will be the ability to have a screen in screen view of movies or streaming broadcasts while working in another app.

Of course, there are promised overall performance improvements related to Siri, notes, and a new News feature that allows you to create your own personalized news feed. Over the next several months, more information will be released.

MindNode for Mac Upgrade Released

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MindNode Mac icon

MindNode – Delightful Mind Mapping is a great mind mapping app for the Mac that is also compatible with the iPad. This app updates the prior MindNode app and requires a new purchase, currently 33% off for the launch.

The compatible iPad version is available here.

Mind maps are a visual representation of your ideas, starting with a central thought and growing from there. Creating these visual outlines allows you to brainstorm and organize your thoughts in an intuitive way, so you can focus on the idea behind it. MindNode simplifies this process.

MindNode 2.0 for Mac MacBook Air

Being featured by Apple as an “App Store Best”, MindNode has helped students, artists and project managers to be more creative with less effort.

Add as many mind maps as you like to MindNode’s expanding canvas. Highlight your thoughts in different styles and enrich them with images and stickers. Use different layouts to auto-magically organize your Mind Maps — you can even cross connect nodes from different maps. Quickly search through large Mind Maps in the outline view. Add notes to any node for additional information.


With iCloud Drive all your Mind Maps can be on all your devices with separate the separate iOS version. You can also export your mind maps as text files, outlines, images, pdf’s or even an open format to share it with other mind mapping apps.

• Create multiple mind maps on a self-expanding canvas
• Automatically organize complicated mind maps
• Highlight important nodes using different styles, images and stickers
• Share interactive documents publicly via the web through the new MyMindNode service
• Access all your mind maps from your iPhone, iPad or Mac using iCloud Drive
• Export your mind maps to other apps as PDF, OPML, PNG, FreeMind, Markdown or text file

MindNode is a great new app for your Mac those who are looking to create useful mind maps easily. Check out the app from mindnode.com. The iPad version is available here.

Notes Plus Updated

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Notes Plus icon update

NotesPlus, a powerful note taking app, has just been updated to version 4.7.2.

NotesPlus 4 screenshot

The improvements include:

– Fixed offset issue with Wacom Bamboo Fineline Bluetooth stylus.
– Fixed zero-length recording error.
– Enabled extended keyboard on all text fields.
– Remembered last used date/time format on extended keyboard.

If you are looking for a great app to capture notes, including quick sketches, look no further than NotesPlus.

Inspire Pro – Paint, Draw & Sketch

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Inspire Pro icon

Inspire Pro for iPad has had a major update. The painting, drawing and sketching app feels smooth and provides a ton of options.

● 70 high quality brushes to choose from, divided into 7 sets: Oil Paint, Airbrushes, Basic Shapes, Graphite Pencils, Wax Crayons, Markers and Chalk
● 60 more brushes are available in the Inspire Pro Shop, divided into 6 sets: Complex Shapes, Paint Splatter, Spray Paint, Shape Outlines, Charcoal and Patterns
● All brushes can be used as a Wet Brush, Dry Brush (Blending) or Eraser

Brush Settings
● Opacity
● Size
● Rotation
● Pressure
● Paint load amount
● Automatic paint reload
● Glaze
● Paint blending mode
● Spacing
● Scatter
● Taper size and opacity
● Random size and rotation
● Surface size and rotation

● 3 canvas sizes to choose from: Screen (4:3), Widescreen (16:9) and Square (1:1)
● All device orientations are supported all the time — switch from portrait to landscape painting with ease
● 1000 levels of undo and redo are available
● 3 finger pan gestures can be used to quickly change brush size, opacity and pressure without opening a menu
● The eyedropper tool can be used with a touch and hold gesture to select paint colors from the canvas
● The canvas can be moved around, rotated and zoomed in and out up to 6400%
● The UI is customizable to fit your painting style and workflow

Canvas Playback Video Recording
● Brush strokes are automatically recorded as you paint without any loss of speed
● You can play the video of your artwork being created stroke-by-stroke directly in the gallery
● A Canvas Playback video can be exported to your Photos, Email, iTunes Documents or Dropbox
● Exported videos are always high quality 1080p, regardless of the chosen canvas size or orientation

Color Picker
● Choose any paint color you can dream of with the intuitive color picker
● Hue, saturation and brightness sliders accompany a large color circle and opacity slider
● Your latest colors are saved to a palette automatically while you paint
● You can also save your favorite colors to a palette with drag and drop

Pressure Sensitive Stylus Support
● Wacom Intuos Creative 1 and 2 as well as the Bamboo Fineline
● Adonit Jot Touch 4 and Pixelpoint
● Ten One Design Pogo Connect 1 and 2
● HEX3 Jaja

Saving, Importing and Exporting
● Paintings are automatically saved in your gallery and easily exported to your Photos
● Inspire Pro files include your artwork’s image, video and all associated metadata, for the ultimate back-up
● Images can be imported from your Photos, iTunes, Dropbox or the camera and positioned, rotated and scaled onto a new canvas
● Paintings can be sent via email from within the app
● Paintings can be uploaded directly to Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr
● Paintings can be printed directly from the app (AirPrint printer required) or ordered online through direct CanvasPop integration

If you have been looking for a drawing app that offers more than Paper by Fifty Three, check out Inspire Pro for iPad.

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