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iTunes in the Cloud Now Available

Apple has announced iTunes in the Cloud is now available. This feature allows you to download music to one device and have the music automatically appear on all of your devices. If you buy a song on your Mac, it will be on your iPad or iPhone. This feature will work over Wi-Fi of 3G. You will need to install the latest version of iTunes and iOS5 on your devices.

Credit Apple, Inc.

You can also download past purchases made from iTunes. iCloud stores your purchase history so you can download what you want from any of your devices or choose not to download certain items.

Credit Apple, Inc.

iTunes match is still “coming soon.” This feature, for a fee, will allow you to replace music you have imported into iTunes with items available in the iTunes store (if the items is there.)

Right now, Apple iTunes will allow you to stream, for free, on your computer, one new song every day until Coldplay’s newest album is released October 24.