3D Display on Mobile Devices

What if your iPad2 gave you the ability to see 3D images on the screen without special glasses? Well, using the front facing camera to measure the location of the iPad2 holder’s head along with some software tweeks, some programers at Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research Group have been able to create a sense of depthContinue reading “3D Display on Mobile Devices”

Procreate Drawing App – Limited Time Free

For a very limited time, you can get Procreate, an app that normally sells for $7.99 for free. This is a drawing app. (Before downloading, make sure it is still free) According to the developer’s description… ★ Insane limited offer!! Regular price $7.99 – now FREE ★ Procreate might just be the most exciting digital paintingContinue reading “Procreate Drawing App – Limited Time Free”

Pages – How to Name Your Document

So, you downloaded Pages, typed your novel, letter, or thoughts and now…how do you name it? First, if you have your document open in Pages, at the top left, tap on My Documents. At the bottom of the document organizer, you will see the title “Blank.” Tap on that to bring up the keyboard to typeContinue reading “Pages – How to Name Your Document”

Keynote’s Laser Pointer Tool

When presenting in Keynote from your iPad, instead of carrying around a laser pointer, use your finger. The laser pointer tool in Keynote lets you accentuate your point with the effect of a laser light pointer, with a comet like trail. To activate the pointer, touch and hold anywhere on your iPad screen.  A red-and-whiteContinue reading “Keynote’s Laser Pointer Tool”