New (smaller) iPad Pro 9.7 Introduced

Apple coveredĀ several new things at their event this morning. As to the iPad, Apple announced a smaller 9.7 inch iPad Pro. It works with the Pencil and new smaller smart keyboard. There is a 12 MP iSight Camera. The price for the smaller iPad Pro will begin at $599 for a 32 GB model. ThereContinue reading “New (smaller) iPad Pro 9.7 Introduced”


AstroPad Adds Pencil Support

Astropad, an iPad app that allows you to draw on your Mac at a fraction of the price of a Wacom table, has been updated to be compatible with Apple Pencil and added other stability improvements.     Watch the video below for a good explanation.   If you have apps on your Mac thatContinue reading “AstroPad Adds Pencil Support”

Pencil, Airplane Mode, iPad Pro, Oh My…

Recently, when traveling with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, the typical announcement to put devices into airplane mode was made. Dutifully, I followed the crew instructions. Shortly after takeoff, I wanted to sketch out an idea. I pulled out my Apple Pencil, fired up my up the iPad Pro and opened Apple’s Notes app.Continue reading “Pencil, Airplane Mode, iPad Pro, Oh My…”

Apple Pencil – Worth the Wait

When theĀ Apple Pencil came, there were a couple of questions, How good does it work with the iPad Pro, How long does the charge last, How can you check the charge? First, the Pencil works great with the iPad Pro. Using the built in Notes app, the ability to smoothly draw, sketch and write isContinue reading “Apple Pencil – Worth the Wait”

Apple Pencil Order Limits

Apple has placed limits on the purchase of its new Apple Pencil stylus on the online store. When you try to order more than 2, you receive an message telling you that the quantities you can order are limited. The new stylus has been sold out almost since its introduction on Nov. 11. Shipping timesContinue reading “Apple Pencil Order Limits”