Discounted Apps for the Holidays

As the end of the year approaches, developers are discounting their apps. You can grab some really good apps at a great value from Many of the apps are at savings up to 80%. Many of the apps are available for iOS devices as well as Macs. The apps that are part of theContinue reading “Discounted Apps for the Holidays”


Why Type Using an iPad?

Jason Snell at MacWorld has written an interesting article about using the iPad to write articles entitled “Why I’m writing on the iPad.” He suggests being forced to type slower on the iPad has benefits. He explains that although his mind still tries to get the information out quickly, because he types slower on theContinue reading “Why Type Using an iPad?”

How to Organize Your iPad Apps

So you’ve bought a bunch of apps, perhaps its a good time to organize them. There are many ways to do this. A couple include using iTunes or physically dragging apps around on your iPad. iPad to Organize To rearrange apps on your iPad, touch an app and hold down until the app icons jiggle.Continue reading “How to Organize Your iPad Apps”

iTunes Charts and iTunes U

  Feeling like a lemming. Want to download what others think are good apps? Just want to peruse the app store to see what is selling well? Apple has a site for you to visit. iTunes Charts lets you browse the top apps (paid or free), TV shows, albums, songs, etc. are at the moment.Continue reading “iTunes Charts and iTunes U”

US Senators Ask Apple (and others) to Pull Police Evasion Apps

CNET is reporting that several US Senators have requested Apple to pull some apps designed to alert people where the police have set up check points. A similar letter has been sent to other smartphone developers. The senators express concern that many Americans are dying in DUI related crashes and that the apps that alertContinue reading “US Senators Ask Apple (and others) to Pull Police Evasion Apps”