TrialPad Optimized for iPadPro

TrialPad is an app used by lawyers and litigators to organize and present information for judges, jurors and mediators. A more thorough review will be provided in the near future. However, there have been major improvements made that include the following: * iPad Pro resolution support. * Content is sharp and crisp and the layoutContinue reading “TrialPad Optimized for iPadPro”


DocReviewPad Update

DocReviewPad, an iPad app for attorneys to organize, review, bates stamp and review documents has been updated. You can see the app tutorial below by following the link below. The new features and issues addressed in this update include: ◆ Added the much requested “Open In…” functionality to import documents from email attachments orContinue reading “DocReviewPad Update”

TrialPad Upgrade Updated

TrialPad for iPad has not only recently been upgraded to version 4.0 but recently that was updated as well. If you own a previous version, you will need to pay the upgrade price of $89.99. If you are looking to organize and present information at a trial or motion (and you are or can become comfortableContinue reading “TrialPad Upgrade Updated”

Apps for Attorneys (and others)

Thanks to the folks at Technolawyer for choosing this post as the Technolawyer Blawgworld Pick of the Week January 23, 2014. 2014 With the new year and new resolutions being made, this is the perfect time to consider digital apps to work with your iPad. There does not seem to be a single place that has organized the differentContinue reading “Apps for Attorneys (and others)”

JuryPad Released

JuryPad, a new app aimed at trial lawyers conducting jury trials, has just been released. This app is designed to assist in the jury selection process by helping the attorney collect, gather and organize information about jurors. According to the developer, the app will assist the lawyer with keeping up with information related to jurors toContinue reading “JuryPad Released”

TrialPad Update 3.0.10

TrialPad for iPad is an app that lawyers may use to organize and present information and images to a jury, judge or mediation. Some powerful features include the ability to, in real time, annotate documents and images and project those images in real time to a screen for the jury to see. There have beenContinue reading “TrialPad Update 3.0.10”