How to Transfer Content to a New Device Using iCloud Backup

Getting ready to get a new device and want to make sure your old stuff is transferred to the new device? Here is the way Apple recommends doing it – use iCloud. The article below shows how to back up and restore a device. iCloud If you don’t have an iCloud account, get a freeContinue reading “How to Transfer Content to a New Device Using iCloud Backup”


How to Back up iPad (iCloud or iTunes)

With the release date of iOS7 rapidly approaching, you should back up your iPad and iPhone. Is there a best way to back up your iPad and what are the choices? You can back up most of your data on your iPad with iCloud or iTunes. Read that again…MOST. Those are Apple’s words, not mine. Apple’sContinue reading “How to Back up iPad (iCloud or iTunes)”

Back Up Lesson for Wired Journalist and You

Mat Honan, a well known tech journalist has his digital life destroyed in less than one hour when his Google account was taken over, deleted and then his AppleID was broken into. He even agrees that much of what happened was his own fault. That led to the remote wiping of his iPad, iPhone andContinue reading “Back Up Lesson for Wired Journalist and You”

iPad Hand Me Down Thoughts

  If you recently got a new iPad and are considering giving your old one to your spouse, loved one, kid, etc., you should consider reseting your old one. As tempting as it may be simply tweak some of your settings and then pass the iPad along, you may inadvertently transfer sensitive information, settings thatContinue reading “iPad Hand Me Down Thoughts”

How to Backup iPad App Data Files

As the end of the year approaches, you may have resigned to make more and better backups. That may be relatively easy for your computer, but what about all the data you have on your iPad? Here’s one way you can backup the data from your iPad. You will need the computer you sync yourContinue reading “How to Backup iPad App Data Files”