iPads and Business

Apple has devoted an entire section of its web page to iPads in business. You can read discussion about iOS7 business features, FIPS  140-2 compliance related to encryption, volume purchase programs to allow companies to buy apps in bulk, company profiles and the use of interactive books at work. To learn more and see onlineContinue reading “iPads and Business”

PayPal Here App for iPad

PayPal has introduced PayPal Here for iPad. This iPad version of the app is free to download. The app allows you to accept credit cards “anywhere you do business with the PayPal Here(TM) app and free card reader. Turn your iPad into a powerful, easy-to-use point of sale solution.” The developer describes the app asContinue reading “PayPal Here App for iPad”

Meeting Minutes Free for Short Time

  For a short time (a few hours) Meeting Minutes is completely FREE instead of $4.99. This app is supposed to be a comprehensive app for managing meetings. If this is the kind of app you are wanting to try out, now is the time to download it. You can learn more from the developer’sContinue reading “Meeting Minutes Free for Short Time”

iPad Use in Business to Grow in 2012

According to a recent survey, nearly 3/4 of all small and medium businesses (less than 1000 employees) are planning on purchasing tablets over the next 12 months. The iPad is the most considered device. If you want to learn more about using an iPad in business, check out Apple’s iPad in Business page. Also, youContinue reading “iPad Use in Business to Grow in 2012”