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Apps for Attorneys (and others)


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With the new year and new resolutions being made, this is the perfect time to consider digital apps to work with your iPad. There does not seem to be a single place that has organized the different apps available into a one stop site. This is my attempt to do so.

Whether you are a lawyer, law student or work for a law firm, perhaps you have promised yourself that you will go more digital and be more paperless. If so, consider the apps below to help you practice law better with your iPad.

Case Organization

  • TrialPad

iPad Screenshot 1

This $89.99 app helps you present and display information and exhibits to a jury or judge. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • Circus Ponies NoteBook

iPad Screenshot 2

This $29.99 app helps you organize information, documents and materials in a familiar notebook form. You can even sync it with the Mac version of the app. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • Outline+

iPad Screenshot 1

This $14.99 digital notebook app is similar to OneNote and can be used with Outline for Mac. You can download and learn more here.

Transcript Reviewers

  • Transcript Pad

iPad Screenshot 1

This $89.99 app allows you to review and mark up deposition and other TXT file transcripts. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • iAnnotate PDF

iPad Screenshot 3

This $9.99 app allows you to read and mark up PDF, DOC, PPT and other files and share your annotations via Dropbox, WebDav, Email, etc. You can download the app and learn more here.

Note Taking Apps

  • Notes Plus

iPad Screenshot 2

This $9.99 app (50% off right now at $4.99) is perhaps one of the best note taking and paper pad replacement apps out there. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • Penultimate

iPad Screenshot 4

This free app provides a digital handwriting experience that combines with Evernote to make your notes searchable and available via the internet. You can download and learn more here.

Word Processing

  • Pages

iPad Screenshot 4

This $9.99 word processing app made by Apple can be used to write letters, draft memos and more and uses iCloud to make your documents available to you via the internet. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • Textilus

iPad Screenshot 1

This $5.99 word processor and editor can be used to edit and create Microsoft Word and other documents on your iPad. You can download and learn more here.

Legal Research

  • Westlaw Next

iPad Screenshot 1

This app allows you to research your Westlaw Next account as well as share, highlight and save information for specific projects and clients. Learn more about the app here.

  • Lexis Advance HD

iPad Screenshot 2

This app allows you to conduct your legal research from LexisNexis with your Lexis Advance subscription. Learn more about this app here.

Organizational Notes and Reminder Apps

  • Reminders

The free Reminders app is built into your iOS and lets you set location – or time ‑ based alerts for things you need to get done — even recurring ones. iCloud keeps this information synced on all your devices.

  • Notes

Apple’s free built in Notes app is a great place to write or edit a quick note and have it sync with your Mac, other device or internet via iCloud.

  • Drafts

iPad Screenshot 3

This $2.99 app is the one starting point for quick note taking, gathering and entering of ideas and things to do. Open this app, type in text and send it to another app, email or reminder. You can learn more about this app here.

Jury Selection Apps

  • JuryPad

iPad Screenshot 1

A jury selection tool for $24.99. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • iJuror

iPad Screenshot 1

A juror selection tool for $19.99. You can download the app and learn more here.

The American Bar Association has also reviewed some of the above apps and you can learn more from here.

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TrialTouch Updated

TrialTouch icon


TrialTouch, an app for lawyers who want to create and manage trial presentations from their iPad was updated today.

According to the developer,

Just a touch of the screen allows you to access all of your exhibits. It is the remote control to all of your photographs, illustrations, 3D animations, medical imagery, video and documents. Trial Touch™ allows you to access these documents and photos via the iPad and display them for the court. 

Not only does Trial Touch™ technology provide captivating, courtroom visuals at the touch of a screen, but it also allows you access to your office from anywhere you have WIFI or 3G connection. Need a document you forgot at the office? Need a presentation or exhibit altered? Shoot an email or text to your office and have your staff upload content to the secure cloud server (DK Global’s custom cloud computing center) and download it on the spot. This is the ultimate in accessibility. 

DK Global’s cloud computing technology is a hassle-free, monthly subscription service that gives you the ability to upload all your documents and videos to the server. The server then converts documents and video to a format that is optimized for use on your iPad. Once the files are converted, just hit ‘sync’ on your iPad and go.

Their promotional video is below. ( if you have issues playing youtube videos from Safari.)

The app connects to a secure cloud that requires a monthly subscription.


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TranscriptPad Update

TranscriptPad has been updated to 1.5.4 and has some new features. This app allows you to review various transcripts in txt format and annotate, search and share information. You can read the review of the app here.

According to the developer, the new features include:

  •  Optimized for the iPad retina display:
  • New high-resolution user interface.
  • Performance improvements for rendering PDFs in retina quality.
 Highlight and Underline transcripts.
  •  Print or create PDF of annotated transcript, including Issue Codes, Flags with notes, Highlights, Underlines.
 Next and previous search result navigation within a transcript.
 Save search results as an Issue Code, capturing entire Q and A.
 Easier flag deletion with press and hold.
 Export Issue Code lists to TrialDirector and Sanction for easy video editing.

Enhancements include:

  •  Prevents device from going to sleep while using auto-scroll feature.
 Improvements to transcript parsing, handling more page numbering scenarios.
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TranscriptPad – Organize Transcripts on the Go

Are looking for a tool to help you analyze and organize a legal matter you are working on? Consider using TranscriptPad for iPad. This app allows you to review depositions or trial transcripts, comment on them and share your thoughts all in the palm of your hand.

How many times have you highlighted a deposition right after you get it, then a few weeks later thought, “What was I going to use that testimony for?”

Now, using the portability of your iPad, you can review the transcript, highlight, add your thoughts and share the information from one app.

The developer describes the app as follows:

  • TranscriptPad is an app designed specifically for lawyers to read and review transcripts, create designations, and flag or email certain sections. It is a turnkey solution created specifically for the needs of judges, lawyers, paralegals, experts, trial presentation consultants, or anyone who needs to work with transcripts. Using the right tool for the job gives you a better experience, and a better result, in less time.
  • TranscriptPad replaces the marked up paper transcript with all the flags, Post-it notes, highlights, un-highlights, pen marks, cross outs, etc.
  • For example, you might use it to create a report to send to a judge outlining your objections to parts of a video depo your opposing counsel might want to play in trial, or your expert might use it to email you a report of parts of a transcript that should be addressed in mediation.
Organization Tool – Using customizable, color-coded designations, you can identify portions of the transcript that relate to discrete ideas or topics like liability, damages, etc. This allows you to efficiently organize the testimony for trial, mediation or a hearing.

Import – You can import the transcripts via e-mail, Dropbox or iTunes. This app does not work with transcripts that are PDFs. You will need to import the deposition or transcript from a text file. (Exhibits that are PDFs will be placed in a separate folder.) After you get past the idea that you need a transcript that is in a txt format instead of a PDF, you will enjoy using this app because it offers some differences from PDF annotation apps. Those differences include:

  • TranscriptPad has hands free reading with adjustable speed.
  • The ability to search across an entire case (without first recreating one enormous “search” file each time a transcript is added).
  • The ability to create and assign specific issue codes on the fly.
  • Highlighting a line or paragraph is as simple as 2 taps as opposed to holding your finger on a word and dragging to expand the selection bars.
  • After making a selection you can easily Email or Flag the selection, or assign one or many Issue Codes.
  • Create reports covering all Issue Codes, or just a select few.

Search- You can search for words or phrases in a single transcript or across multiple depositions, hearing or trial transcripts. This feature is nice when you are trying to remember a word or idea but can’t remember where it was.

Collaborate- After you have highlighted and identified the important portions of your transcript, you can export that data, by issue codes or topics, in an organized, efficient way. This information can be shared with co-counsel, your staff or client to help clarify issues.

Learn how to use the app- You can quickly begin using this app after downloading the the Quick Start User Guide. Watching the app in action with the videos made by the developer will help answer most questions you may have. Also, there is  FAQ page.


If you are looking for a unique tool to help you organize case information on the go without having the burden of carrying heavy and bulky transcripts, this is an app for you. The cost is $49.99 and the developer promises that updates and technical support will be free.

This app is made by the same developer of TrialPad for iPad, a program that allows you to present your case to a jury or judge from the convenience of your iPad. You can learn more about TrialPad for iPad from my reviews here and here or the developer here.