Mailbox App Works with Dropbox

Mailbox, an app that allows you to better control your email and Dropbox are working together. If you link your Dropbox account to Mailbox, you earn an extra 1GB storage on Dropbox. After installing Mailbox and signing in to your Gmail account, tap on Settings (located on the far left.) Tap on Dropbox and linkContinue reading “Mailbox App Works with Dropbox”

Documents by Readdle 4.0 Update

ReaddleDocs has been updated to version 4.0 and is now called Documents by Readdle. Currently the app is free. It is not clear if the price will stay Free, so you may want to get it while you can. The app serves many purposes including: use as a media player, managing files, viewing and editingContinue reading “Documents by Readdle 4.0 Update”

DropBox Adds Photo Sync

With the latest release of Dropbox, you can now plug in your iPad, iPhone, memory card, etc. into your computer and upload your photos or videos to your DropBox account. The process takes place automatically. In order to encourage you to use the service, Dropbox will give you an additional 500 MB for your firstContinue reading “DropBox Adds Photo Sync”

Print from iPad to Dropbox

MacLife has published an interesting article. Using Printopia, a Mac app, you can access non-Airprint printers directly from your iOS device (iPad). Now, you can also print directly to your Dropbox folder on your Mac. Printopia costs $19.95 (US) for the full version and has a free trial. You can watch a video demo here.Continue reading “Print from iPad to Dropbox”