Evernote Update

Evernote allows you to create notebooks of information to organize notes, photos, checklists, research and more. Importantly, you can then sync the information between your iOS devices and your computer. The newest update includes the following: • Dive into Evernote search right from the iPhone Home screen with the new Search Quick Action • NumerousContinue reading “Evernote Update”

Evernote for iOS updated

Evernote for the iPad has been updated to improve camera functionality and to prepare for the new Apple Watch. The new camera functionality includes: – Auto-capture: Point the camera at docs, whiteboards, and business cards – Business cards: Connect to LinkedIn to get more info when scanning cards – Review, crop, and rotate images before savingContinue reading “Evernote for iOS updated”

Outline+ Updated for iPad

Outline+ (with OneNote Compatibility) has been updated to version 3.2. This note taking app is full featured and allows you to type, draw, organize and annotate documents. This is an all in one digital notebook that also has the ability to sync with various cloud services and a version of Outline for your Mac. Also,Continue reading “Outline+ Updated for iPad”

Penultimate App Updated

Penultimate, a digital handwriting, sketching and drawing app for the iPad has been updated. Plus, if you are an Evernote user, the drawings can be synced and searched in your Evernote account on different devices and computers. The latest improvements include: – Zoom and drift improvements: resizable zoom box, writing speed responds to your handwriting,Continue reading “Penultimate App Updated”

Livescribe+ Update Includes Firmware

From time to time, when Livescribe updates its app for iOS and a firmware update may be included for the pen. To perform the firmware update, you need to open the app, tap on settings and have the pen on. Then, you can connect to the pen and see that a firmware update can beContinue reading “Livescribe+ Update Includes Firmware”

Evernote Updated

  Evernote for iPad has been updated to version 7.3.0. This easy to use free app allows you to store and sync bits of information, documents, pictures, notes and more. You can sign up for a premium service that allows offline notebooks, friends and colleagues to share notes, smarter searching, up to 1GB of monthly uploadContinue reading “Evernote Updated”

Evernote Password Breach?

Evernote issued a service-wide password reset today because it discovered suspicious activity on its network. You can read the entire notice below. Basically, to protect your account, create a new password and enter it on all the devices and apps you use to access Evernote. The complete security notice appears below: “Evernote’s Operations & SecurityContinue reading “Evernote Password Breach?”

Penultimate Goes Free

Penultimate, a notetaking app purchased by Evernote, has gone free. The latest version, 4.0, now has some new features and abilities to work better with Evernote. One of the benefits of working with Evernote is that your handwriting becomes searchable. You can search through your handwritten text within the app, or browse quickly through allContinue reading “Penultimate Goes Free”