Pocket Informant Pro Updated 3.0

The goal of this app is to be a one stop app for your planning, calendaring and tasks. It accomplishes this task. Pocket Informant Pro, is a universal iOS app to help you with your productivity, calendaring, notes, and more. It has been updated to version 3.0. A quick start guide is available. To learnContinue reading “Pocket Informant Pro Updated 3.0”

How to Create Shortcuts to Increase Productivity

Although there are apps that allow you to create shortcuts by typing a few letters to create a complete sentence, phrase, etc., there is also a built in way to do this as part of the iOS. The best part is that the shortcuts are universal – they apply no matter which app you areContinue reading “How to Create Shortcuts to Increase Productivity”

How to Do Lists The Best

People are constantly looking for THE list app. You need to recognize the truth…there is no perfect list app. However, MacWorld just published an interesting article Finding the Best App for Lists by David Sparks that compares various features of list apps. His analysis and thoughts are worth a quick read. He looks at Clear,Continue reading “How to Do Lists The Best”

Get Stuff Done Promotion 3rd Week

Apple has begun its final week of the sale of Mac apps to help you Get Stuff Done. These apps are for the Mac, not iPad. However, 1Password does have an iPad version which is highly recommended. That app allows you to store passwords, credit card numbers, and more. The Apple promotion is focused on utilitiesContinue reading “Get Stuff Done Promotion 3rd Week”

Organize Sale from Apple Store

Apple has a three week promotion targeting the Get Stuff Done concept. The promotion this week relates to “Organize.” The apps promoted and on sale are Gemini: The Duplicate Finder, Unclutter, Delicious Library 2, Together, Tree, MindNode Pro, Compartments, DaisyDisk and Home Inventory. These apps are designed to organize your digital and physical world. WhetherContinue reading “Organize Sale from Apple Store”

GTD and OmniFocus 2.0 for Mac

Use this time in the beginning of the year to review how you want to become organized and take the first step – buy an app and start dumping out of your mind and off of all the various lists you have a master list of things you want to get done. Once you have accomplishedContinue reading “GTD and OmniFocus 2.0 for Mac”

Pocket Informant – Improvements Keep Coming

The latest update to Pocket Informant Pro (2.62) continues improvements and support for devices running iOS 5 & 6 in several important areas: -Improved interface in many areas -iOS Reminders Support for both iOS 5 & 6 -A new Setup Assistant that makes it easy to set up PI right away -Task Smart Filters canContinue reading “Pocket Informant – Improvements Keep Coming”