Teed – To Do List – Free for limited time

If you are constantly looking for an app to handle your to do list items, Teed may be for you – and for a limited time, it is free. Although it does not appear to support syncing between devices, the layout for the iPad version appears to be clean and easy to read. This isContinue reading “Teed – To Do List – Free for limited time”

Pocket Informant HD Task Management 2.0 Update

The update to Pocket Informant HD, a task, calendar, contact manager and more has been so popular that the pocket informant web site seems to have ground to a halt today. If you are looking for a to-do, calendar and organizer, you may find this to be just the app for your iPad. One ofContinue reading “Pocket Informant HD Task Management 2.0 Update”

OmniFocus – Best iPad Productivity App 2011

TUAW crowned OmniFocus for iPad the best productivity app for 2011. It was previously written up when it first came out in 2010. With a new year starting, perhaps you should consider a good organizing app to keep you focused. A listing of many of these productivity apps can be found here. Have a greatContinue reading “OmniFocus – Best iPad Productivity App 2011”

GTD Software (Planning, Calendaring, etc.)

I have been trying out different GTD (Getting Things Done) software on the iPad for some time and too busy to do the kind of review necessary. I wanted to be able to give an overview of the software, capabilities and differences of each. Generally, GTD software is supposed to help you organize your lifeContinue reading “GTD Software (Planning, Calendaring, etc.)”