iAnnotate – How to Adjust Settings for Better Experience

iAnnotate is a great app to read and mark up PDFs. One of the best ways to use this app more efficiently is to adjust the settings to your way of working. The settings can be accessed from a couple of different ways. First, from within the app by tapping the gear icon or tapContinue reading “iAnnotate – How to Adjust Settings for Better Experience”

OneNote – How to Create and Add Subpages and Tags

Microsoft OneNote is an electronic notebook – scrapbook – notetaker app all in one. There are many features that make this app useful. First, you need to understand how a notebook is set up. The hierarchical outline form is as follows: Notebook Section (or Section Group consisting of multiple sections) Page note, object, PDF, text, table, fileContinue reading “OneNote – How to Create and Add Subpages and Tags”

How to Add a New Keyboard(s)

Last year, Apple announced that iOS 8 supports third-party keyboard apps. If you have purchased one or more of these, it is not obvious how to make the keyboard the default keyboard or available to you. This post will walk you through the basics of the process on iOS8 devices. First, download the keyboard you want to useContinue reading “How to Add a New Keyboard(s)”

Location Services Draining Battery?

Location services, the use of your location by apps can be a great tool. However, if apps are using your location services when you are not using the apps, your battery life can be lowered because the location of your device is being refreshed all the time. To see if location services are being used,Continue reading “Location Services Draining Battery?”

How to Use Livescribe 3 Smartpen and Auto-Send to OneNote

  With the latest update to Livescribe+ 1.3, you can set up the app to Auto-Send notes from any of the notebooks you write in to OneNote. The problem is, there were no directions on how to do this. After some trial and error, the solution was discovered. (Edit: There is now a post concerningContinue reading “How to Use Livescribe 3 Smartpen and Auto-Send to OneNote”

How to Create Shortcuts to Increase Productivity

Although there are apps that allow you to create shortcuts by typing a few letters to create a complete sentence, phrase, etc., there is also a built in way to do this as part of the iOS. The best part is that the shortcuts are universal – they apply no matter which app you areContinue reading “How to Create Shortcuts to Increase Productivity”

iPad How to Videos Posted by Apple

Apple recently posted video/screencasts on using the iPad in one convenient location. These can be viewed in iTunes or from within a browser and are free. The topics range from collaboration on projects, to marking up PDF documents, to creating diagrams and charts using Grafio. The current topics, release date and links are shown below. IfContinue reading “iPad How to Videos Posted by Apple”

How to Sync Safari Between Mac and iPad

If you have a favorite set of websites that you have assigned on your Safari browser, you can sync them to iCloud. Once that is done, on your iPad, you can open Safari and see the same tabs and shortcuts. If you have to suddenly rush away from the browser open on your computer, youContinue reading “How to Sync Safari Between Mac and iPad”

How to Get Emoji Keyboard on iPad

Want to use those little emoji smiley face symbols to send friends messages or emails? You can modify your iPad keyboard to accomplish that. Make sure you are using the latest iOS. NOTE for iOS 7, follow this link. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard. Tap on Add New Keyboard. You will be presentedContinue reading “How to Get Emoji Keyboard on iPad”