Pages – How to Create Folders to Organize Documents

Do you have a bunch of Pages documents and don’t like to scroll forever to find them? What if you could create a folder to organize the documents? Using this tip, you can sort and store Pages documents into folders. First, get to the Documents screen. If you are editing a document in Pages, tapContinue reading “Pages – How to Create Folders to Organize Documents”

Short Cut Typing – A Real Time Saver

A new feature in iOS 5.x that cuts down on the time it takes you to type words, phrases or whole sentences is available. Tap Settings > General > Keyboard and scroll down until you see “Shortcuts.” Tap on Add New Shortcut. In the Phrase section, type something like “I will be there in 5Continue reading “Short Cut Typing – A Real Time Saver”

How to Organize Your iPad Apps

So you’ve bought a bunch of apps, perhaps its a good time to organize them. There are many ways to do this. A couple include using iTunes or physically dragging apps around on your iPad. iPad to Organize To rearrange apps on your iPad, touch an app and hold down until the app icons jiggle.Continue reading “How to Organize Your iPad Apps”

Automatic Downloads and Syncing for iPad – How To

Apple has updated iTunes again. This iTunes update is designed to help sync your music in all of your iOS devices, automatically. You will need to have an iTunes account and need to turn this feature on in both iTunes and your iOS devices.  Here’s how. First, download the latest version of iTunes (currently 10.3.1 you mayContinue reading “Automatic Downloads and Syncing for iPad – How To”

Pages and Keynote – Remotely Access Your Files

Do you want to access, create and store your Pages, Numbers, Keynote and other documents with your iPad without syncing to iTunes? If you have a MobileMe account or access to any standard WebDAV server, you can. (you can also share your documents using Apple’s which is still in BETA status.) WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring andContinue reading “Pages and Keynote – Remotely Access Your Files”

Surfing Safari

Overall, on the iPad, surfing is very fast and easy with Apple’s built in Safari browser.  Here are some tips and shortcuts to make the browsing experience more enjoyable. NAVIGATION You know you can scroll with finger flicks up or down, left or right.  You know you can make text and the page larger withContinue reading “Surfing Safari”

Pages – How to Name Your Document

So, you downloaded Pages, typed your novel, letter, or thoughts and now…how do you name it? First, if you have your document open in Pages, at the top left, tap on My Documents. At the bottom of the document organizer, you will see the title “Blank.” Tap on that to bring up the keyboard to typeContinue reading “Pages – How to Name Your Document”