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How to Update Books Purchased with iBooks

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From time to time, the developer or publisher of an iBook may update it to correct errors, make it compatible with a newer operating system or otherwise fix it. There is an easy way to determine this and get the updates. Here’s how.

  1. On your iOS device, tap iBooks. If a book is open, tap on Library at the top left to close it.
  2. At the bottom right you should see “Purchased” and there may even be a red badge with a number in it showing you how many book updates are available.
  3. Tap on Purchased. Then, tap on Updates, in the middle at the top.
  4. Now, tap on the individual books to update by tapping on the blue update button on the left or tap on update all to update all of the books. You should use Wi-Fi as some books may be large and the process of updating may take some time.

You should see something similar to the image below when you are in the process of updating.

iBook Update Purchases


After the updates, you can go back to reading.


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iBooks Updated to 3.1


Apple has updated iBooks to address and improve Asian language books.

What’s New in Version 3.1

The iBookstore in Japan now has hundreds of thousands of books available for purchase, including fiction, manga, light novels and more. This version of iBooks also includes a number of improvements for reading Asian language books.

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iBooks Quickly Updated

Apple introduced an update to iBooks 3.0 very recently and has already pushed out an incremental update. The update resolves an issue where iBooks may unexpectedly quit.

The new 3.0 update introduced several upgraded features including:

Introducing iBooks 3

• See all your iBookstore purchases in iCloud—right on your bookshelf with iOS 6
• Scroll vertically through your books with the flick of a finger using the new Scroll theme
• Receive free updates to purchased books—including new chapters, corrections, and other improvements
• Look up definitions for words in German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Simplified Chinese with iOS 6
• Share quotes or thoughts about your favorite book with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Messages, or Mail

You can read more about iBooks here.

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iBooks Updated to 2.0

Apple updated iBooks, its book reading and markup app to version 2.0 today after announcing iBooks. The new app will run Multi-Touch textbooks designed for the iPad. There are to be interactive features, figures, diagrams, photos, video and more included within the new textbooks.

iPad Screenshot 4

New ways to create highlighted text and notecards for test preparation are included to make studying more effective.

iPad Screenshot 2

Textbooks in various subjects are currently available with more on the way.


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iBooks Updated to 1.5

Nighttime reading themes, full screen layout, more fonts and a redesigned annotation palette are some of the improvements included in this update of iBooks.

The night theme is activated by tapping on the Aa at the top right and selecting “Night.” The theme puts white text on a black page. Although the theme is supposed to make it easier to read in the dark, you may find it easier on the eyes in a lit room because the harsh brightness of the white page is eliminated.

iPad Screenshot 2

There is a full screen mode that is activated below the theme selection. This mode extends the text up and down the page to allow you to read more words per page.

iBooks is Apple’s free app to download and read books and more. You can even read ePub electronic books. The ability to bookmark and sync your bookmarks with an active wi-fi is a great way to keep you on the same page whether you are using your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

iPad Screenshot 3

The download is 20.7 MB and probably will require Wi-Fi access because of the size.

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iPad2 User Guide Available for Download

Apple, Inc. has posted the iPad2 User Guide for iOS 4.3 software. This 198 Page guide is a 16MB download. Everything from an overview of the iPad2 to a review of the included applications is covered. There are even some tips on troubleshooting.

If you want to read and use the PDF guide on your iPad, open this post in the safari browser on your iPad and click on this link. After the PDF loads, at the top right of your browser, you will have an option to open your PDF in a different app. Tap on “Open in…”  Choose the app you want to use to open the PDF. If you do not have any paid apps like GoodReader or ReadleDocs, you can open it in iBooks. Then, you can have the manual available on your iPad whenever you want.