How to Update Books Purchased with iBooks

From time to time, the developer or publisher of an iBook may update it to correct errors, make it compatible with a newer operating system or otherwise fix it. There is an easy way to determine this and get the updates. Here’s how. On your iOS device, tap iBooks. If a book is open, tapContinue reading “How to Update Books Purchased with iBooks”

iBooks Quickly Updated

Apple introduced an update to iBooks 3.0 very recently and has already pushed out an incremental update. The update resolves an issue where iBooks may unexpectedly quit. The new 3.0 update introduced several upgraded features including: Introducing iBooks 3 • See all your iBookstore purchases in iCloud—right on your bookshelf with iOS 6 • ScrollContinue reading “iBooks Quickly Updated”

iBooks Updated to 2.0

Apple updated iBooks, its book reading and markup app to version 2.0 today after announcing iBooks. The new app will run Multi-Touch textbooks designed for the iPad. There are to be interactive features, figures, diagrams, photos, video and more included within the new textbooks. New ways to create highlighted text and notecards for test preparationContinue reading “iBooks Updated to 2.0”

iPad2 User Guide Available for Download

Apple, Inc. has posted the iPad2 User Guide for iOS 4.3 software. This 198 Page guide is a 16MB download. Everything from an overview of the iPad2 to a review of the included applications is covered. There are even some tips on troubleshooting. If you want to read and use the PDF guide on your iPad,Continue reading “iPad2 User Guide Available for Download”