iWork Suite Updated

Apple has updated three of its iPad apps: Numbers, Keynote and Pages. The improvements are probably related to the upcoming iOS 9 update to provide better compatibility. The official notes state only that the update contains stability improvements and bug fixes. These apps allow you to create reports, presentations and work with spreadsheets. They work seamlesslyContinue reading “iWork Suite Updated”

Together Mobile Updated

Together Mobile is an app that allows you to collect, store and organize notes, documents, images, movies, sounds, web pages and more. It’s sort of an electronic scrap book. The app allows you to create labels, ratings and otherwise group bits of information to help the information be organized and found. It has been updated toContinue reading “Together Mobile Updated”

How to Transfer Content to a New Device Using iCloud Backup

Getting ready to get a new device and want to make sure your old stuff is transferred to the new device? Here is the way Apple recommends doing it – use iCloud. The article below shows how to back up and restore a device. iCloud If you don’t have an iCloud account, get a freeContinue reading “How to Transfer Content to a New Device Using iCloud Backup”

iCloud Security

In light of recent events of apparent theft of celebrity photos from iCloud accounts, Apple has issued a media advisory that appears below. In short, Apple says it was not a breach of its system but rather an attack on targeted user names and passwords. Apple’s advice, use strong passwords and enable 2-step verification. Also, considerContinue reading “iCloud Security”

How to Back up iPad (iCloud or iTunes)

With the release date of iOS7 rapidly approaching, you should back up your iPad and iPhone. Is there a best way to back up your iPad and what are the choices? You can back up most of your data on your iPad with iCloud or iTunes. Read that again…MOST. Those are Apple’s words, not mine. Apple’sContinue reading “How to Back up iPad (iCloud or iTunes)”

iCloud Beta Gets iOS 7 Makeover

Apple’s iCloud beta page has been updated to reflect some of the new icons from iOS7 as seen below. The updates are part of Apple’s march to release iOS 7 in the next few weeks. iCloud is a syncing service offered by Apple that allows you to access your music, calendars, contacts, documents and more fromContinue reading “iCloud Beta Gets iOS 7 Makeover”

iCloud Support and Status

As you rely more and more on iCloud services and features, it will become more important to understand the different services and abilities iCloud offers. You can read more about iCloud on Apple’s page. A simple video explanation about iCloud syncing features and benefits can be seen here. To find specific iCloud support issues forContinue reading “iCloud Support and Status”

How to Sync Safari Between Mac and iPad

If you have a favorite set of websites that you have assigned on your Safari browser, you can sync them to iCloud. Once that is done, on your iPad, you can open Safari and see the same tabs and shortcuts. If you have to suddenly rush away from the browser open on your computer, youContinue reading “How to Sync Safari Between Mac and iPad”