Paper Allows You to Get Ideas Down

Paper by FiftyThree is a universal iOS app that allows you quickly draw, note, list and capture your thoughts and inspirations on the go. The app allows you to create diagrams as easily as lists. To create shapes, tap the squiggly line to draw. Then, tap on the ruler icon. Now, when you draw aContinue reading “Paper Allows You to Get Ideas Down”


OneNote for iPad – OCR and Handwriting Update

OneNote for iPad has received a major update to its abilities – Handwriting and OCR for images. The app is used to capture and share thoughts and ideas as well as organize information. The information can be synced between your iOS devices and Mac via Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service. The developer describes the new featuresContinue reading “OneNote for iPad – OCR and Handwriting Update”

Paper by Fifty Three Update

For the creative part of you interested in drawing out an idea, scene or picture, consider Paper by FiftyThree. This uniquely intuitive app allows you to capture and share ideas using various tools and colors. With several books suggesting that doodling and drawing out your ideas are good ways to improve your persuasive and thinkingContinue reading “Paper by Fifty Three Update”

Updates for 1Password and Adobe Ideas

1Password is an app that does more than store and create strong passwords, it also can automatically enter your user name and password into the web page you visit. You can sync your database of passwords, credit cards, bank accounts, etc. between devices as well. Version 4.2 added or improved the following: 1Browser * AddedContinue reading “Updates for 1Password and Adobe Ideas”