How to Split the Keyboard

With the introduction of iOS5, some new functionality has become available. One of the most interesting is the split keyboard. Now, you can cut the keyboard in half and use your two thumbs to type out messages and text while holding the iPad in your hands. To split the keyboard, you need to hold downContinue reading “How to Split the Keyboard”


iOS 5 features Demonstrated in PaperDesk Demo

PaperDesk has a demo movie to show off its latest update. Interestingly, the iPad2 in the movie appears to be running iOS5. A couple of features that may be in iOS5 are shown and specifically referenced. The above screenshot is 5:25 into the 8:20 minute demo movie. The keyboard split feature and moveable keyboard areContinue reading “iOS 5 features Demonstrated in PaperDesk Demo”

Steve Jobs to Take the Stage

In just a few hours, Steve Jobs will take the stage in San Francisco at WWDC 2011. Although there are expected to be announcements concerning new Apple hardware and updated information about Lion, Apple’s next OS, there will also be an update about iOS5. Some of the questions about iOS5 include:¬†What new features will thereContinue reading “Steve Jobs to Take the Stage”