Getting Started Article Posted by Macworld

A frequent question most users have is where is the manual? Apple has one you can view¬†here. Macworld has published a new article on getting started with the iPad and iPad mini. Their comprehensive guide contains tips and strategies that help even the most advanced user. The article covers everything from backing up, upgrading andContinue reading “Getting Started Article Posted by Macworld”

iPad, iPad Mini Manual and User Guide

If you were looking for a manual on using your iPad or iPad mini, it was not in the box. ¬†However, you can download the 130 + page PDF directly from Apple. The file is about a 13 MB download, so you may want to wait for Wi-Fi access before downloading. This PDF comes inContinue reading “iPad, iPad Mini Manual and User Guide”

New iPad Ads with iPad Mini

Apple has posted several new iPad TV ads featuring and comparing the iPad with the iPad mini. Interestingly, the ads seem to focus less on comparing the devices and more on showing them working together. One would think the iPad Mini or iPad would be shown by itself to emphasize what it does best. TheContinue reading “New iPad Ads with iPad Mini”