Why Type Using an iPad?

Jason Snell at MacWorld has written an interesting article about using the iPad to write articles entitled “Why I’m writing on the iPad.” He suggests being forced to type slower on the iPad has benefits. He explains that although his mind still tries to get the information out quickly, because he types slower on theContinue reading “Why Type Using an iPad?”

New iPad Ads with iPad Mini

Apple has posted several new iPad TV ads featuring and comparing the iPad with the iPad mini. Interestingly, the ads seem to focus less on comparing the devices and more on showing them working together. One would think the iPad Mini or iPad would be shown by itself to emphasize what it does best. TheContinue reading “New iPad Ads with iPad Mini”

Photos of Early iPad Mockup Surface in Litigation

In a deposition of Jonathan Ive, Apple Inc.’s senior vice president, industrial design, taken as part of litigation involving Samsung, some photographs of early mockups of the iPad were referenced. The lawsuit Apple Inc. v. Samsung filed in US District Court in California resulted in depositions of Mr. Ive and others. The photos appear toContinue reading “Photos of Early iPad Mockup Surface in Litigation”

Judicial Sites Become iPad Friendly

More and more business websites have made themselves appear and respond better for the iPad. Now, not only do businesses recognize the need for a better browsing experience, but courts do as well. Recently, the South Carolina Supreme Court web page became iPad friendly. The news was touted on its page. “the South Carolina JudicialContinue reading “Judicial Sites Become iPad Friendly”

Target To Stop Selling Kindle

Target will stop selling Amazon.com Inc.’s Kindle devices in the coming weeks according to Reuters. Target is phasing out Kindle branded products, including the new Fire tablet, in the Spring of 2012. Target has sold the Kindle products for approximately 2 years. The Apple iPad and Barnes & Noble Nook brand of tablets will stillContinue reading “Target To Stop Selling Kindle”

Paper App by Fifty Three

Recently, Fiftythree released Paper for the iPad. This “creative” capture app consists of 5 parts. Each part allows you to perform a different function. You can sketch, write, draw, outline and color. The first “included” piece is Draw. You can purchases additional “tools” with an in-app purchase. The company promotes the app as a way toContinue reading “Paper App by Fifty Three”

iPad Use in Business to Grow in 2012

According to a recent survey, nearly 3/4 of all small and medium businesses (less than 1000 employees) are planning on purchasing tablets over the next 12 months. The iPad is the most considered device. If you want to learn more about using an iPad in business, check out Apple’s iPad in Business page. Also, youContinue reading “iPad Use in Business to Grow in 2012”

Automatic Downloads and Syncing for iPad – How To

Apple has updated iTunes again. This iTunes update is designed to help sync your music in all of your iOS devices, automatically. You will need to have an iTunes account and need to turn this feature on in both iTunes and your iOS devices.  Here’s how. First, download the latest version of iTunes (currently 10.3.1 you mayContinue reading “Automatic Downloads and Syncing for iPad – How To”

iPad Service Stations in Apple Stores

According to USA Today, Apple unveiled a new way for customers to interact with and shop for Apple products in retail stores – the iPad station. The “smart signs” allow customers to tap a button for help – sort of like a call attendant button on an airplane. Presumably, the iPads will also act likeContinue reading “iPad Service Stations in Apple Stores”

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts part 2

The topic of keyboard shortcuts has proven to be extremely popular. Because of that, I have gone through almost all of the keyboard shortcuts available so that you can see what can be done by holding down various keyboard keys on an iPad. The screen shots below reflect the keys available under iOS 4.2 onContinue reading “iPad Keyboard Shortcuts part 2”