How to Split the Keyboard

With the introduction of iOS5, some new functionality has become available. One of the most interesting is the split keyboard. Now, you can cut the keyboard in half and use your two thumbs to type out messages and text while holding the iPad in your hands. To split the keyboard, you need to hold downContinue reading “How to Split the Keyboard”

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts part 2

The topic of keyboard shortcuts has proven to be extremely popular. Because of that, I have gone through almost all of the keyboard shortcuts available so that you can see what can be done by holding down various keyboard keys on an iPad. The screen shots below reflect the keys available under iOS 4.2 onContinue reading “iPad Keyboard Shortcuts part 2”

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make typing even quicker on the iPad. Interestingly, depending where your cursor is when you are typing effects which short cuts may be available. UPDATE (I have posted a more complete list.) For example, if you are typing an email and the cursor is in the to or from name field, certain domainContinue reading “iPad Keyboard Shortcuts”