Keynote Update Adds Several New Features

Keynote has been updated to version 2.2.1. Some of the recent updates include: • Use your finger to illustrate on slides as you present• New “view only” setting lets you share presentations you want others to view but not edit• New portrait layout option in presenter display• Search presentations by name• New transitions and builds:Continue reading “Keynote Update Adds Several New Features”


Apple’s iOS Productivity Apps Updated

Today, Apple issued several updates to its office suite of apps. These updates not only improve performance but also, offer new features. Keynote, Apple’s presentation software, was updated with the following: • Use your finger to illustrate on slides as you present • New “view only” setting lets you share presentations you want others toContinue reading “Apple’s iOS Productivity Apps Updated”

Apple Updates Suite of iWork Apps

   Today, Apple updated its suite of iWork apps – Numbers, Pages and Keynote to version 1.7. These updates improve compatibility with comparable Microsoft and Mac products. Numbers is a spreadsheet app that can create tables, charts, photos and graphics. This release improves compatibility with Microsoft Excel and Numbers for Mac. Pages is a wordContinue reading “Apple Updates Suite of iWork Apps”

Pages and Keynote – Remotely Access Your Files

Do you want to access, create and store your Pages, Numbers, Keynote and other documents with your iPad without syncing to iTunes? If you have a MobileMe account or access to any standard WebDAV server, you can. (you can also share your documents using Apple’s which is still in BETA status.) WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring andContinue reading “Pages and Keynote – Remotely Access Your Files”

Keynote and Pages Updated to 1.1

Today, Apple updated Keynote and Pages. The Keynote update includes support for various languages, an enhanced back/front slider in the arrange panel and added the option to show additional alignment guides at small intervals.  There were various reliability and stability fixes as well. The Pages update includes support for various languages, the availability of aContinue reading “Keynote and Pages Updated to 1.1”

Keynote’s Laser Pointer Tool

When presenting in Keynote from your iPad, instead of carrying around a laser pointer, use your finger. The laser pointer tool in Keynote lets you accentuate your point with the effect of a laser light pointer, with a comet like trail. To activate the pointer, touch and hold anywhere on your iPad screen.  A red-and-whiteContinue reading “Keynote’s Laser Pointer Tool”