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DocReviewPad Updated

DocReviewPad icon

DocReviewPad, an iPad app to help attorneys and paralegals organize and review documents, has been updated to include Tag and Issue Codes for individual pages, a redaction tool.


The report layout has been improved to display some newer information. Now, you can search bates numbers. There have been other miscellaneous fixes as well.

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TrialPad Update for DocReviewPad

TrialPad 4 icon

In anticipation of the newest app release from Saurian, TrialPad is adding support for the soon to be released DocReviewPad.

This app is used by lawyers during trial, motion hearings and during mediation. TrialPad helps you not only organize the information you will need but present it in a powerful real time way that many other apps can’t offer.

DocReviewPad isn’t quite out yet. However, it is designed to make mobile document review easy.

Here are some of the features of DocReviewPad that should be released soon.

  • The only full featured and professional mobile document review tool
  • Standardized user interface and user experience matches TrialPad and TranscriptPad for the Lit Software “Suite” experience; current TrialPad and TranscriptPad users will be immediately comfortable and up to speed
  • Apply customized Bates numbers to hundreds or thousands of pages, quickly and easily; with border, size, and location options
  • Rapidly review documents using intuitive swipe gestures
  • Mark documents with built in tags for Confidential, Privileged, Relevant, or Responsive
  • Assign your own color-coded Issue Codes, e.g. Bank Statements or Nurses Notes
  • Zoom in, highlight, or annotate documents
  • Flag important documents, and add notes (a digital sticky note)
  • Search for a Bates number, file name, or text within one document, a folder of documents, or the whole case
  • Export a document production set, omitting certain documents (e.g. all documents, except documents tagged as Confidential and/or Privileged)
  • Create beautiful PDF reports of documents produced, including the number of pages, Bates number ranges, and any assigned issue codes and notes; or create a report without showing your issue codes to give to the clerk or opposing counsel
  • Easily create separate case and witness folders
  • File formats supported: Adobe Acrobat PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, Multi-Page TIF, and TXT
  • Export your documents into TrialPad, with all Issue Codes organized into Key Doc folders
  • Fast access to common case folder functions (Open, Rename, Duplicate, Delete) by pressing and holding a case folder
  • Access an integrated Quick Tutorial Video onboarding experience, and a free iBook Quick Start Guide, in the Help menu
  • Import documents from cloud storage options (Box, Dropbox, Citrix ShareFile, Transporter, and WebDAV) as well as iTunes File Sharing
  • Streamlined workflow for Cloud Storage lets users browse multiple accounts, and log in and out of services on-the-fly
  • Folder organization inside a case folder allowing for 72 possible combinations of folder colors and icons
  • Quickly navigate back to any hierarchical case level, or all the way to the Cases screen, by pressing and holding the Back button
  • Proudly designed, coded, and supported in the United States


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TrialPad Update

TrialPad 4 icon

TrialPad, an app designed to help attorneys present evidence to juries and judges, has been updated to version 4.1.0.

If you are not familiar with the app or want to learn more, you can download the 62 page quick start guide.

To get a good idea of how the app works, you can see the app in action at this vimeo site.

The update includes the following additions and changes:

– Added Custom sort button to allow you to customize the order of your exhibits (user requested).
– Modified search results to show file name hits before searching OCR data (user requested).
– Added natural sort order so you don’t need to add leading zeros to keep the sort order, e.g. 1, 2, 10, 20 (user requested).
– Added straight line tool to Pen options.
– Added link to free Quick Start Guide iBook in the Help menu.
– Tested for compatibility with iOS 8.
– Addressed various issues with downloading/uploading from/to third party cloud services.
– Addressed issues with orientation of annotation on exporting or printing.
– Addressed zooming reset during split screen presentation.
– Addressed issue allowing Exhibit Sticker to keep file name when moving position.
– Addressed issue connecting to WebDAV.


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Apps for Attorneys (and others)


Thanks to the folks at Technolawyer for choosing this post as the Technolawyer Blawgworld Pick of the Week January 23, 2014.


With the new year and new resolutions being made, this is the perfect time to consider digital apps to work with your iPad. There does not seem to be a single place that has organized the different apps available into a one stop site. This is my attempt to do so.

Whether you are a lawyer, law student or work for a law firm, perhaps you have promised yourself that you will go more digital and be more paperless. If so, consider the apps below to help you practice law better with your iPad.

Case Organization

  • TrialPad

iPad Screenshot 1

This $89.99 app helps you present and display information and exhibits to a jury or judge. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • Circus Ponies NoteBook

iPad Screenshot 2

This $29.99 app helps you organize information, documents and materials in a familiar notebook form. You can even sync it with the Mac version of the app. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • Outline+

iPad Screenshot 1

This $14.99 digital notebook app is similar to OneNote and can be used with Outline for Mac. You can download and learn more here.

Transcript Reviewers

  • Transcript Pad

iPad Screenshot 1

This $89.99 app allows you to review and mark up deposition and other TXT file transcripts. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • iAnnotate PDF

iPad Screenshot 3

This $9.99 app allows you to read and mark up PDF, DOC, PPT and other files and share your annotations via Dropbox, WebDav, Email, etc. You can download the app and learn more here.

Note Taking Apps

  • Notes Plus

iPad Screenshot 2

This $9.99 app (50% off right now at $4.99) is perhaps one of the best note taking and paper pad replacement apps out there. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • Penultimate

iPad Screenshot 4

This free app provides a digital handwriting experience that combines with Evernote to make your notes searchable and available via the internet. You can download and learn more here.

Word Processing

  • Pages

iPad Screenshot 4

This $9.99 word processing app made by Apple can be used to write letters, draft memos and more and uses iCloud to make your documents available to you via the internet. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • Textilus

iPad Screenshot 1

This $5.99 word processor and editor can be used to edit and create Microsoft Word and other documents on your iPad. You can download and learn more here.

Legal Research

  • Westlaw Next

iPad Screenshot 1

This app allows you to research your Westlaw Next account as well as share, highlight and save information for specific projects and clients. Learn more about the app here.

  • Lexis Advance HD

iPad Screenshot 2

This app allows you to conduct your legal research from LexisNexis with your Lexis Advance subscription. Learn more about this app here.

Organizational Notes and Reminder Apps

  • Reminders

The free Reminders app is built into your iOS and lets you set location – or time ‑ based alerts for things you need to get done — even recurring ones. iCloud keeps this information synced on all your devices.

  • Notes

Apple’s free built in Notes app is a great place to write or edit a quick note and have it sync with your Mac, other device or internet via iCloud.

  • Drafts

iPad Screenshot 3

This $2.99 app is the one starting point for quick note taking, gathering and entering of ideas and things to do. Open this app, type in text and send it to another app, email or reminder. You can learn more about this app here.

Jury Selection Apps

  • JuryPad

iPad Screenshot 1

A jury selection tool for $24.99. You can download the app and learn more here.

  • iJuror

iPad Screenshot 1

A juror selection tool for $19.99. You can download the app and learn more here.

The American Bar Association has also reviewed some of the above apps and you can learn more from here.

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Lexis Advance HD updated

Lexis Advanced icon

For those who use Lexis to perform legal research, this Lexis Advance HD allows you to do your work on your iPad on the go.

iPad Screenshot 5

You need to have a Lexis Advance subscription and valid ID to use this app. If you do not subscribe to this service and find yourself in need of access to a library of information, you should consider the subscription.

iPad Screenshot 2

Version 3.8 repairs or fixes the following:

• Fixed email crash issue and other bug fixes
• Discontinued support for iOS 4.3, requires iOS 5.0 or above
• Browse through content of a statute or treatise
• Select multiple documents to email or save to folder
• Print a document directly to an iPad-compatible wireless printer
• Persist user’s delivery options from Lexis Advance when emailing documents
• Option to save offline while saving a document to folder
• Display offline document size information

iPad Screenshot 3

Some of the nice features of this app is the ability to highlight cases or statutes, save those to a particular client folder and access them later. You can also share your work.

You can view more about the product here.

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Trial Guides App Available

iPad Screenshot 1

If you enjoy books from Trial Guides press, you may want to check out their app to load the books on your iPad.

According to the publisher, “[t]he Trial Guides iPad app brings a new and convenient way for customers to shop our library of legal books, view sample content, and find related resources. Currently, Trial Guides is expanding their offerings to help their customers access a greater variety of content, from more books and support material.”

You can buy certain books offered from this publisher via your iTunes account.

If you have any questions about the app, you can check out the FAQ page.

The FAQ appears below.

How do I get the Trial Guides app for my iPad?

In the iTunes store, search for Trial Guides and download it.

How much does it cost?

The Trial Guides iPad app is free. When you add books to your library, you pay the cost on the screen for each book.

How do I download a book?

Browse our online store and click any title. The app will ask for your Apple ID and password.

How do I pay for a book?

The book is charged to the credit card you have set up with your Apple iTunes account.

If you want to set up a different Apple iTunes account for your professional purchases, please set up a new account with Apple using your business email address and your law firm credit card. Apple stores this information, not Trial Guides, and Apple processes all your purchases of Trial Guides ebooks. They will appear on your credit card statement as Apple purchases.

Why are there books on your web site that aren’t on the iPad app?

Some of the books in our catalog and on our web site are books that we don’t publish. We’ve selected them because we think our readers are interested in them, but we don’t have the rights to publish them electronically. With a small number of our books, we are working on creating the best possible “value added” eBook format. As a result, a few Trial Guides books are not available yet, but will become available soon.

Can I give a Trial Guides electronic book as a gift?

Yes, with an iTunes gift card. You can purchase these from many retailers such as grocery stores, electronics stores, and other locations.

Can I use a Trial Guides gift card that I already have?

Unfortunately, not yet. We’re still working on that and hope to have it available in 2013.

Can I load this app on my iPhone?

No, not yet. This is something we’re working on for the future.

Can I load this app on my Google Nexus or Dell XPS tablet?

No. Recent surveys by the ABA indicate that less than 10% of lawyers who use tablets use tablets other than the iPad. Until that percentage increases significantly, the Trial Guides app will only be available for the Apple iPad devices. We also believe this provides Trial Guides customers the highest quality user experience.

What version of the iPad do I need?

This app runs on the iPad 2, 3, or 4, and on the iPad Mini.

I live outside the US. Can I download the app?

Yes! You can get all of our available books instantly, with no shipping fees. Part of our motivation to create the Trial Guides app was to make our products more easily accessible to law students and legal professionals outside the United States.

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JuryPad Adds Video Tutorials

JuryPad icon


JuryPad was release about 1 month ago. The iPad app assists attorneys and legal professionals in the selection of jurors for trial.

Since the initial release, there have been updates and very favorable reviews.

iPad Screenshot 3

Additionally, a couple of very short videos have been posted that show how to add a trial and access help have been posted.



If you have been thinking about getting this app, you should watch the videos to get a sense of what the app is capable of doing for you.

More information can be found on the company web site.