TrialPad (Lit Software) Updates

It’s been a while since posting but that (hopefully) will change with this latest update from Lit Software to their suite of litigation software. There are three separate apps that can be used to help you with your litigation practice. There is TrialPad, TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad. Each app can help you with a separate partContinue reading “TrialPad (Lit Software) Updates”

DocReviewPad – Review and Produce Documents for Litigation

DocReviewPad is designed to help you organize and review your documents for use in litigation or other legal matters. The app allows you to import documents, assign Bates numbers, add sticky notes, tag and create issue codes. To see this and other Lit Software litigation software for the iPad, check out their various videos onContinue reading “DocReviewPad – Review and Produce Documents for Litigation”

DocreviewPad Update

DocReviewPad has been updated to include many helpful features. This app is used to help you organize and review all your litigation documents quickly and efficiently, create production sets, and Bates stamp all your documents. The latest update includes: • NOTES! Added the ability to have multiple notes on every page. Notes appear as numbered “stickies”Continue reading “DocreviewPad Update”

TrialPad – How to Create Key Docs and Witness Folders

When getting ready for a trial recently, I finally realized a couple of important concepts related to using TrialPad that can make a big difference in organization and speed – Creating Witness folders with documents you will use for the witness examination. Having a folder for each witness is not the concept I realized. Instead, the method forContinue reading “TrialPad – How to Create Key Docs and Witness Folders”

TrialPad Optimized for iPadPro

TrialPad is an app used by lawyers and litigators to organize and present information for judges, jurors and mediators. A more thorough review will be provided in the near future. However, there have been major improvements made that include the following: * iPad Pro resolution support. * Content is sharp and crisp and the layoutContinue reading “TrialPad Optimized for iPadPro”

TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad Updates

   Lit Software has updated two of their three iPad litigation apps to support iPad Pro resolution and provided other updates. The two apps, TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad, help those in the legal profession organize and review electronic documents including PDFs, transcripts, photos and more. TrialPad can be used to organize, annotate and present information for trial, hearings andContinue reading “TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad Updates”

DocReviewPad Update

DocReviewPad, an iPad app for attorneys to organize, review, bates stamp and review documents has been updated. You can see the app tutorial below by following the link below. The new features and issues addressed in this update include: ◆ Added the much requested “Open In…” functionality to import documents from email attachments orContinue reading “DocReviewPad Update”

DocReviewPad for iPad Released

DocReviewPad for iPad is the latest app from Lit Software and promises to make reviewing, bates numbering and producing documents for litigation easier and more helpful. This app is for lawyers, paralegals and others who need to organize and review electronic documents. The app allows you to import various documents, assign custom Bates numbers andContinue reading “DocReviewPad for iPad Released”