How to Use Livescribe 3 Smartpen and Auto-Send to OneNote

  With the latest update to Livescribe+ 1.3, you can set up the app to Auto-Send notes from any of the notebooks you write in to OneNote. The problem is, there were no directions on how to do this. After some trial and error, the solution was discovered. (Edit: There is now a post concerningContinue reading “How to Use Livescribe 3 Smartpen and Auto-Send to OneNote”


Outline + Update Brings Livescribe Compatibility

The latest update to Outline +, a OneNote compatible app, brings new functionality in conjunction with Livescribe’s newest smartpen. Now, using the Livescribe Smartpen 3, you can take notes that are entered directly into Outline +. You will need to use the Livescribe special journals or paper you can create with the proper printer andContinue reading “Outline + Update Brings Livescribe Compatibility”

Livescribe 3 Pen Cartridge Rattle Noise Elimination Method

If you bought a Livescribe 3 Pen, you may have noticed that the tip of the ink cartridge rattles or makes a noise as you write. The prior generation pens did not do this. The pen still functions but the sound bothers me and a few others. Livescribe has posted a support article about thisContinue reading “Livescribe 3 Pen Cartridge Rattle Noise Elimination Method”