MindNode Mind Mapping

MindNode, an incredibly useful and responsive mind mapping software app has been updated. This app allows you to visually represent your ideas. It syncs / opens documents created on the mac version as well. The fixes and updates include: FIXES • Fixes a performance issue related to tasks • Correctly restore scroll position when returning to theContinue reading “MindNode Mind Mapping”

MagicalPad HD Sale

For 2 days, MagicalPad HD is having a sale. For 99¢, you can own an incredible whiteboard, outlining, mind mapping tool. This app can help you organize your thoughts, ideas, projects, plans, homework and more. This app can be used for school, business or personal projects. Just pull out your iPad, then dump your thoughtsContinue reading “MagicalPad HD Sale”

MagicalPad 3 for iPad Released

MagicalPad for iPad has been radically updated to version 3.0 and is now free. There are in app purchases to add additional features like unlimited notebooks, mind mapping and certain sharing features. This freeform organizer is a great way to brainstorm. You can create lists, mind maps, draw, add photos and organize information on aContinue reading “MagicalPad 3 for iPad Released”

MindNode Update to 2.0

MindNode, a mind mapping program for your iOS devices has been updated to version 2.0. If you use mind mapping to help you organize your thoughts, this program, in conjunction with MindNode Pro, allows you to create and share mind maps between your iPad and Mac. The program is a universal app and works onContinue reading “MindNode Update to 2.0”