Circus Ponies NoteBook 4 Released

Circus Ponies has released the latest version of NoteBook for the iPad. This is a paid upgrade that is currently on sale for $4.99 for a limited time. According to the Circus Ponies blog, “If you own NoteBook for iPad you will also need a copy of NoteBook 4 for iPad to continue syncing yourContinue reading “Circus Ponies NoteBook 4 Released”

WritePad for iPad Sale (limited time)

If you are considering buying a note taking app that converts your handwriting to text, check out WritePad for iPad on sale now for 99¢. The app is normally priced at $9.99. The developer describes the app as follows: WritePad is an advanced notetaker app that lets you to take notes in your own handwriting,Continue reading “WritePad for iPad Sale (limited time)”

Bamboo Paper App from Wacom

Wacom, the maker of various tablet devices, has released its paperless notebook and drawing app Bamboo Paper for the iPad. The app is free until the end of June. The description states the app has “the ability to create virtual notebooks for your iPad, letting you share your ideas visually with handwritten notes, sketches or doodles. PairedContinue reading “Bamboo Paper App from Wacom”

Penultimate Updates App and Paper Options

Cocoa Box Design recently updated their app Penultimate to allow users to make in app purchases from “The Paper Store.” The program comes with free basic writing papers for you to use. But, now, users can now add, for a fee, new kinds of paper designs. Some users must have voiced concern over the costContinue reading “Penultimate Updates App and Paper Options”