NotesPlus – iPhone Support

Notes Plus has been updated to version 5.0. Now, the app works with the iPhone too. If you are not familiar with this note taking app and are looking for a way to capture your written notes electronically, you should check out Notes Plus. Not only can you write notes, you can draw shapes that areContinue reading “NotesPlus – iPhone Support”


MacJournal Update and Sale

MacJournal for iPad, a serious journaling and note making app for the iPad, was updated to version 1.9. The updated features include the following: -Create entries in multiple journals -Attach images to your entries -Edit styles in entries (including font sizes, styles, and colors) -Using Dropbox, manage multiple MacJournal documents, that can reside on yourContinue reading “MacJournal Update and Sale”

Notes Plus iOS 9 and iPadPro Support

NotesPlus has been updated to support iOS9 multitasking using slipover and split view and optimized for iPad Pro and Apple’s Pencil. This great note taking app has been finally updated to work with the iPad Pro. The software keyboard now provides quick access to some neat features like the one touch date or time stampContinue reading “Notes Plus iOS 9 and iPadPro Support”

GoodNotes App – Take Notes and Do More

What do you look for in a note taking app for your iPad? Sure you want ease of use, customizable notebooks and paper, a choice of pens and colors but there are other features that are useful. Palm rejection allows the app to ignore input from your palm but recognize it from your finger or stylus.Continue reading “GoodNotes App – Take Notes and Do More”

Note Taking Apps Updated and Discounted

     Two great note taking apps, NotesPlus and UPad3 have been updated. Both apps allow you to write on your iPad like you were taking notes on a piece of paper and offer a variety of additional features to help you organize, store and share your notes. NotePlus has the ability to not onlyContinue reading “Note Taking Apps Updated and Discounted”

Circus Ponies NoteBook 4 Released

Circus Ponies has released the latest version of NoteBook for the iPad. This is a paid upgrade that is currently on sale for $4.99 for a limited time. According to the Circus Ponies blog, “If you own NoteBook for iPad you will also need a copy of NoteBook 4 for iPad to continue syncing yourContinue reading “Circus Ponies NoteBook 4 Released”

Note Taking Apps NoteLedge Premium and Notability

     If you are looking for note taking apps, you may consider NoteLedge Premium and Notability. Notability, currently a  free Apple app of the week, is a powerful note-taker on iPad and iPhone: sketch ideas, annotate documents, sign contracts, complete worksheets, keep a journal, record a lecture, jot travel notes, or teach a class.Continue reading “Note Taking Apps NoteLedge Premium and Notability”

OneNote for Mac Released

Today, Microsoft released a Mac version of OneNote that is compatible with several iOS apps. You can download the app from the app store. You can learn more about the app from This note taking app allows you to organize information and share it with others. The app is described as follows: Harness the immense potentialContinue reading “OneNote for Mac Released”

Outline + Update Brings Livescribe Compatibility

The latest update to Outline +, a OneNote compatible app, brings new functionality in conjunction with Livescribe’s newest smartpen. Now, using the Livescribe Smartpen 3, you can take notes that are entered directly into Outline +. You will need to use the Livescribe special journals or paper you can create with the proper printer andContinue reading “Outline + Update Brings Livescribe Compatibility”

WritePad for iPad Sale (limited time)

If you are considering buying a note taking app that converts your handwriting to text, check out WritePad for iPad on sale now for 99¢. The app is normally priced at $9.99. The developer describes the app as follows: WritePad is an advanced notetaker app that lets you to take notes in your own handwriting,Continue reading “WritePad for iPad Sale (limited time)”