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NotesPlus – iPhone Support

Notes Plus has been updated to version 5.0. Now, the app works with the iPhone too.

If you are not familiar with this note taking app and are looking for a way to capture your written notes electronically, you should check out Notes Plus.

Not only can you write notes, you can draw shapes that are recognized and turned into vector graphic like sharp images.

Handwriting recognition is also included. That means, when you write out your notes by hand, you can convert them to text and send that to other apps.

If you need to mark up PDFs, this app can handle that too.

This note taking app has it all, handwriting recognition, shape detection, palm rejection, smooth inking, modifiable papers, and more.

To learn more about Notes Plus, watch the video below which shows a slightly older version of the app.

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MacJournal Update and Sale

MacJournal for iPad icon 1.9

MacJournal for iPad, a serious journaling and note making app for the iPad, was updated to version 1.9. The updated features include the following:

-Create entries in multiple journals
-Attach images to your entries
-Edit styles in entries (including font sizes, styles, and colors)
-Using Dropbox, manage multiple MacJournal
documents, that can reside on your device
-Share entries to Facebook and Twitter
-Create entries in multiple journals
-Lock MacJournal to require a pass code for security
-Search or browse entries using the search field
-Customize the display of journals and entries
-Journal in either landscape or portrait mode
-Organize journals using Smart Journals

MacJournal iPad Pro

This weekend, the app is on sale for 99¢. MacJournal allows you to organize and chronicle events and take notes. It even can work with blog services like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and more. You can also share your data over the clod with your other Mac OS and iOS devices.

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Notes Plus iOS 9 and iPadPro Support

Notes Plus icon update

NotesPlus has been updated to support iOS9 multitasking using slipover and split view and optimized for iPad Pro and Apple’s Pencil.

This great note taking app has been finally updated to work with the iPad Pro. The software keyboard now provides quick access to some neat features like the one touch date or time stamp that will drop into your document the current date or time.

Notes Plus Split Screen

The ability to work with a split screen brings a welcome addition because you can not have another app opened while taking notes.

The app also works smoothly with the Apple Pencil.

Currently, NotesPlus is on sale for 30% off.

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GoodNotes App – Take Notes and Do More

Goodnotes App icon

What do you look for in a note taking app for your iPad? Sure you want ease of use, customizable notebooks and paper, a choice of pens and colors but there are other features that are useful.

Palm rejection allows the app to ignore input from your palm but recognize it from your finger or stylus.

Shape recognition for drawing diagrams allows you to draw a shape and have the app recognize it to turn that squiggly circle into a perfect one.

How about the ability to have your notes on any iOS device sync via iCloud so you can always pick up where you left off or review your notes?

What if the app could search your hand writing?

What if you could select stuff you wrote and move it around the page?

What if you could have a zoom window to write your text in a big clean box that automatically transfers it to the page?

Goodnotes screenshot

Goodnotes App does all of this and more. It even works with the Apple iPad Pro and  Pencil. Using the app with the  Pencil feels natural and fluid. (Using the pencil at an angle did not appear to shade and the app did not appear to react to pressure to make the ink larger).

You can learn more about the features of the app by viewing the user guide.

This app instantly feels like what you would expect in a note taking app. Spend just a few minutes with it and you will forget you are writing on an electronic device. Spend a little longer and you will be able to search your notes with ease.

If you are looking for a note taking app, Goodnotes App is one to get and use.


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Note Taking Apps Updated and Discounted

Notes Plus icon 4.4    UPAD3 icon

Two great note taking apps, NotesPlus and UPad3 have been updated.

Both apps allow you to write on your iPad like you were taking notes on a piece of paper and offer a variety of additional features to help you organize, store and share your notes.

NotePlus has the ability to not only take notes in a variety of styles, including with your finger or stylus but also with a keyboard. The app was recently updated and is on sale. “40% off for a limited time – now with Handwriting Recognition included.”

NotesPlus 4 screenshot

You can also record audio while you take notes.

One of the best features, included with the app is the ability to translate your handwriting into recognizable typed text.

You can watch version 4 in action here.


UPAD3 has been upgraded from version 2 to work better with iOS8. It is on sale for 50% off to celebrate the introduction.

UPAD3 Screenshot

Not only can you write out notes, but you can mark up PDFs, draw shapes and add various pen colors to help capture your thoughts. You can even download a variety of paper templates to use.

An older Youtube video of the app in action appears below.


If you are looking for note taking apps, consider NotesPlus or UPAD3.

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Circus Ponies NoteBook 4 Released

Circus Ponies Notebook icon

Circus Ponies has released the latest version of NoteBook for the iPad. This is a paid upgrade that is currently on sale for $4.99 for a limited time.

According to the Circus Ponies blog, “If you own NoteBook for iPad you will also need a copy of NoteBook 4 for iPad to continue syncing your Notebooks between your Mac and iPad. A free major update to NoteBook 4 for iPad that includes full iOS 7 support will become available at a later date.”

Each notebook stores and organizes your notes and other information with electronic notebooks that look and work like paper. With outlining, diagramming, sketching, voice annotation, and PDF mark-up, NoteBook helps you take notes consistent with your note-taking style.

It easy to find anything with just a few taps in the Multidex™, an auto-generated dictionary of the content in your Notebooks. Circus Ponies NoteBook is a great app for managing projects of any size, assignments and classwork, client information, research, and much more.

You can see a video tour of the app at this page. The current videos appear to show the app in a prior version. However, the videos give you a sense of what the app can do.

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Note Taking Apps NoteLedge Premium and Notability

NoteLedge Premium icon    Notability icon

If you are looking for note taking apps, you may consider NoteLedge Premium and Notability.

Notability, currently a  free Apple app of the week, is a powerful note-taker on iPad and iPhone: sketch ideas, annotate documents, sign contracts, complete worksheets, keep a journal, record a lecture, jot travel notes, or teach a class. With iCloud support, your notes always travel with you!

Write, illustrate and annotate using different ink. Notability’s zoom window helps you quickly and clearly draw every detail, while the palm rest protects your notes from unwanted marks. Choose various pens and paper for your project.

Import forms, contracts, worksheets, documents, presentations, and even books; then use the same tools to make notes in Notability and to mark up PDFs. Notability can import other files via Google Drive.

Type an essay, create an outline, fill out an application, or make a list with Notability’s word processor. Choose a font, style, color, and size that enhances your work. Even place text exactly where you want using text boxes.

Replay your notes! Everything you type, write or add to your note is linked to the audio recording, giving you more context than ever when reviewing. Just tap play and watch your note unfold. Jump to a specific recording by tapping a word with the navigation tool and you’ll go to that point in the recording.

Finding information quickly is an important part of note-taking. Use search to quickly locate notes by title or content. On iPad, bookmark pages of a note, filter a PDF by annotated pages, or search your note for a keyword in the page navigator.

Organize your notes by subject in the library and automatically backup all of your work to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or webDAV. Also, use these services, plus email, Airdrop, and twitter, to share your Notability files with colleagues, classmates, students or teachers. iCloud will help make sure your notes are automatically up to date on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.



NoteLedge is a robust note-taking application that allows you to take notes with powerful editing functions such as handwriting, typing, photo-editing, audio and video recording. NoteLedge makes a great tool for making a scrapbook, composing a brief memo, keeping a daily diary, writing a travel journal, and recording brainstorming results.

(Currently, this app is free for a limited time.) This may have expired already.

There are various features for this note taking app that include:

+ Realistic handwriting and drawing experience
+ A full set of stylus including pencil, crayon, watercolor and more
+ Various fonts/colors/sizes are available for text typing
+ Take notes and record at the same time
+ Audio and video recording supported
+ Palm rest supported
+ Organize your notes with table tools

+ Crop and copy selected contents and paste them wherever you like within the active area
+ A wide selection of built-in stamps are available
+ Create close-up writing and painting under magnifying mode

+ Crop and drag screenshots from websites directly to your notes
+ Copy text from the browser and paste on your notes

+ Choose among blank, graph, ruled, loose-leaf, E-card and Halloween themed note papers
+ Customize note papers and covers with your own photos
+ Support various photo filters

+ Manage your notes under calendar view
+ Back up you notes to major cloud services including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, FTP and WebDAV
+ Password protection supported
+ Open in Animation Desk (3.0 or later) and animate your work

+ Share your notes on Facebook and Twitter
+ Present your thoughts under the slideshow mode
+ Export notes to PDF and back up to major cloud services (Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, FTP and WebDAV supported)
+ Export your notes to Evernote in PDF format
+ Email your notes in either JPG or PDF format