OneNote – How to Create and Add Subpages and Tags

Microsoft OneNote is an electronic notebook – scrapbook – notetaker app all in one. There are many features that make this app useful. First, you need to understand how a notebook is set up. The hierarchical outline form is as follows: Notebook Section (or Section Group consisting of multiple sections) Page note, object, PDF, text, table, fileContinue reading “OneNote – How to Create and Add Subpages and Tags”

Circus Ponies NoteBook 4 Released

Circus Ponies has released the latest version of NoteBook for the iPad. This is a paid upgrade that is currently on sale for $4.99 for a limited time. According to the Circus Ponies blog, “If you own NoteBook for iPad you will also need a copy of NoteBook 4 for iPad to continue syncing yourContinue reading “Circus Ponies NoteBook 4 Released”

Circus Ponies Notebook Updated

  Circus Ponies Notebook app has been updated. The updates include the following: Fixed a bug where e-mailing a page would leave out items if there was a selection. Fixed some issues with Retina artwork. Made a change with stickies to fix problem with sticky notes remaining on the screen from previous pages or Notebooks.Continue reading “Circus Ponies Notebook Updated”

Notes Plus Update Coming Soon

Notesplus has just announced that it is in beta test phase for its next update to version 3.1. If you are looking for a great tool to keep and organize handwritten notes, drawings and clippings from web pages, this app can do it all. Check out the instructional videos to get a sense of the powerContinue reading “Notes Plus Update Coming Soon”

Outline+ OneNote Notebooks for iPad

If you have been looking for a way to read and edit OneNote documents on your iPad, you need to get Outline+. This app allows you to “quickly capture new ideas, build a concept map, create to-do lists and search all your content and sync it with OneNote via Dropbox secure cloud or iTunes.” ThereContinue reading “Outline+ OneNote Notebooks for iPad”

Moleskine Digital Journal

Entering the market with another way to store digital jots of information and sketches comes Moleskine Journal. You can read more about the app from the developer. The old app Moleskine will be removed from the app store on September 1, 2012. The developer seeks to model the app on the “legendary notebook used byContinue reading “Moleskine Digital Journal”

iOS 5 features Demonstrated in PaperDesk Demo

PaperDesk has a demo movie to show off its latest update. Interestingly, the iPad2 in the movie appears to be running iOS5. A couple of features that may be in iOS5 are shown and specifically referenced. The above screenshot is 5:25 into the 8:20 minute demo movie. The keyboard split feature and moveable keyboard areContinue reading “iOS 5 features Demonstrated in PaperDesk Demo”

My Notebook! One Day Special

If you have been looking for an all in one notebook, organizer, note keeper, calendar, My Notebook! may be for you and today, it’s free. [EDIT 10:25 pm EST…Check the price before purchase. It appears the sale is over.] This app has more features in one place than I have seen in many other apps.Continue reading “My Notebook! One Day Special”

Bamboo Paper App from Wacom

Wacom, the maker of various tablet devices, has released its paperless notebook and drawing app Bamboo Paper for the iPad. The app is free until the end of June. The description states the app has “the ability to create virtual notebooks for your iPad, letting you share your ideas visually with handwritten notes, sketches or doodles. PairedContinue reading “Bamboo Paper App from Wacom”