NotesPlus – iPhone Support

Notes Plus has been updated to version 5.0. Now, the app works with the iPhone too. If you are not familiar with this note taking app and are looking for a way to capture your written notes electronically, you should check out Notes Plus. Not only can you write notes, you can draw shapes that areContinue reading “NotesPlus – iPhone Support”

Notes Plus iOS 9 and iPadPro Support

NotesPlus has been updated to support iOS9 multitasking using slipover and split view and optimized for iPad Pro and Apple’s Pencil. This great note taking app has been finally updated to work with the iPad Pro. The software keyboard now provides quick access to some neat features like the one touch date or time stampContinue reading “Notes Plus iOS 9 and iPadPro Support”

Evernote Updated

  Evernote for iPad has been updated to version 7.3.0. This easy to use free app allows you to store and sync bits of information, documents, pictures, notes and more. You can sign up for a premium service that allows offline notebooks, friends and colleagues to share notes, smarter searching, up to 1GB of monthly uploadContinue reading “Evernote Updated”

Notes Plus 4.0 Released – Feels Like a Whole New App

If you have been looking for a natural feeling and powerful note taking app, look no further than Notes Plus. This strong note taking app  offers lots of flexibility. You can enter notes with your finger or stylus. You can type and record audio. You can annotate your PDFs. You can even type notes and drawContinue reading “Notes Plus 4.0 Released – Feels Like a Whole New App”

CaptureNotes 2 Update

CaputureNotes 2 was updated to version 2.3.4 today. This note taking, audio recording, typing, pdf modifying app allows you to do more than simply keep notes. Whether you are thinking about classes approaching or the next business meeting, this app is one you may want to try out. While recording notes, you can drag flagsContinue reading “CaptureNotes 2 Update”

Circus Ponies Notebook Updated

  Circus Ponies Notebook app has been updated. The updates include the following: Fixed a bug where e-mailing a page would leave out items if there was a selection. Fixed some issues with Retina artwork. Made a change with stickies to fix problem with sticky notes remaining on the screen from previous pages or Notebooks.Continue reading “Circus Ponies Notebook Updated”