Notes Plus – How to Convert Handwriting to Text

One of the nice features with Notes Plus, an iOS app used to collect your written thoughts and drawings, is the ability to convert your handwritten notes into text so you can search your notes. You can even copy and paste the text that has been converted. There are two ways to convert text. First, youContinue reading “Notes Plus – How to Convert Handwriting to Text”

Note Taking Apps Updated and Discounted

     Two great note taking apps, NotesPlus and UPad3 have been updated. Both apps allow you to write on your iPad like you were taking notes on a piece of paper and offer a variety of additional features to help you organize, store and share your notes. NotePlus has the ability to not onlyContinue reading “Note Taking Apps Updated and Discounted”

NotesPlus App Beta Update

One of my favorite note taking apps, NotesPlus is being updated. The most intriguing part of the update process is the openness of the process. The developer is encouraging beta testers to openly discuss proposed fixes, problems, etc. The discussions can be seen here. You can watch some of the features in action as shownContinue reading “NotesPlus App Beta Update”