PaperPort Notes 2.0 Update

PaperPort NotesĀ is a digital note taking app for the iPad. You can type notes or draw them with your finger tip or stylus. You can also use Dragon Voice recognition to capture your ideas or notes by speaking. (You will need internet access.) Adding sticky notes to a PDF is easy as well. New withContinue reading “PaperPort Notes 2.0 Update”

iOS 5 features Demonstrated in PaperDesk Demo

PaperDesk has a demo movie to show off its latest update. Interestingly, the iPad2 in the movie appears to be running iOS5. A couple of features that may be in iOS5 are shown and specifically referenced. The above screenshot is 5:25 into the 8:20 minute demo movie. The keyboard split feature and moveable keyboard areContinue reading “iOS 5 features Demonstrated in PaperDesk Demo”