PDFpen Scan+ Updated

PDFPen Scan+ has been updated. The update includes the following fix: • Fixes problem with Scan+ not appearing in Settings–Privacy–Camera to enable the camera PDFPen Scan+ allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to scan and OCR multi-page documents to create searchable PDFs. Scan directly with your iPhone or iPad camera. The app detects and crops eachContinue reading “PDFpen Scan+ Updated”

Evernote Updated

  Evernote for iPad has been updated to version 7.3.0. This easy to use free app allows you to store and sync bits of information, documents, pictures, notes and more. You can sign up for a premium service that allows offline notebooks, friends and colleagues to share notes, smarter searching, up to 1GB of monthly uploadContinue reading “Evernote Updated”

PDFpen Scan+ Scanning App

Smilesoftware has released PDFpen Scan+ and app that allows you to use your iOS device to “scan” and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) documents. Once they are scanned, you can then share them using email, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and with other methods. The concept is simple. Open the app and use your camera to takeContinue reading “PDFpen Scan+ Scanning App”