Index Card App – Organize (Ideas, Stories, Papers, More)

When you see the image below, if you get what is going on, you understand the idea of Index Card 4. The app allows you to capture ideas, draft or write out information to compile ideas. The idea is simple. Like real index cards you can capture information and ideas and then sort them toContinue reading “Index Card App – Organize (Ideas, Stories, Papers, More)”


AirTable – Cloud Database

If you are interested in using and learning about databases that can be synced with your various devices via the cloud by using a browser on your Mac and an app on your iOS device, check out AirTable. The feel is like a very flexible spreadsheet. However, it is really a powerful relational database. CollaborationContinue reading “AirTable – Cloud Database”

OneNote for iPad – OCR and Handwriting Update

OneNote for iPad has received a major update to its abilities – Handwriting and OCR for images. The app is used to capture and share thoughts and ideas as well as organize information. The information can be synced between your iOS devices and Mac via Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service. The developer describes the new featuresContinue reading “OneNote for iPad – OCR and Handwriting Update”

Together for iOS Released

If you have been using Together on your Mac, you may be glad to know that the universal iOS version of Together has been just been released. This app can work independently on your iPad or iPhone and is supposed to allow you to access your Mac App Store Together iCloud library on the go.  You can read moreContinue reading “Together for iOS Released”

PDF Connect and File Manager FREE for limited time

A couple of apps worth trying to help manage your files and PDFs on your iPad are free for a limited time : PDF Connect – Annotation, Scanner, Converter, Page Editor and Form Filling and File Manager Pro App. PDF Connect allows you to gather, organize and mark up various PDFs. The features are outlined as follows:Continue reading “PDF Connect and File Manager FREE for limited time”

Organize Sale from Apple Store

Apple has a three week promotion targeting the Get Stuff Done concept. The promotion this week relates to “Organize.” The apps promoted and on sale are Gemini: The Duplicate Finder, Unclutter, Delicious Library 2, Together, Tree, MindNode Pro, Compartments, DaisyDisk and Home Inventory. These apps are designed to organize your digital and physical world. WhetherContinue reading “Organize Sale from Apple Store”

GTD and OmniFocus 2.0 for Mac

Use this time in the beginning of the year to review how you want to become organized and take the first step – buy an app and start dumping out of your mind and off of all the various lists you have a master list of things you want to get done. Once you have accomplishedContinue reading “GTD and OmniFocus 2.0 for Mac”

OmniPlan for iPad Released

For those who like to organize and plan projects visually, OmniPlan for the iPad may be just what you are looking for. Today, the OmniGroup released the iPad version of its popular Mac application OmniPlan. The developer describes the app for the iPad as follows: OmniPlan is designed to help you visualize, maintain, and simplifyContinue reading “OmniPlan for iPad Released”

Index Card App – Stacks above others

If you have an affinity for working with index cards, you will love the updated Index Card app for the iPad. It presents the best of what you use index cards for – capturing or organizing information and ideas with the modern tools to search, reorganize and share that information. Quite simply, you create indexContinue reading “Index Card App – Stacks above others”