Index Card 4 – Corkboard Writing App

Index Card 4 is an app to help you write and organize your thoughts using a familiar index card analogy. Whether you are a writer, organizer, attorney or student, this app allow you to create high tech notecards and assemble them in useful ways. Any project requiring outlining or the use of notecards to organize the projectContinue reading “Index Card 4 – Corkboard Writing App”

Outline+ Now Supports iCloud Drive

Outline+ with OneNote Compatibility has been updated to support iCloud Drive. This app is a full featured note-taking app that can be used by students, teachers, lawyers, and other professionals. The recent update includes the following fixes and improvements: – Added support for two-factor authentication to OneDrive – Highlighting of the handwritten text works moreContinue reading “Outline+ Now Supports iCloud Drive”

Outline+ Updated for iPad

Outline+ (with OneNote Compatibility) has been updated to version 3.2. This note taking app is full featured and allows you to type, draw, organize and annotate documents. This is an all in one digital notebook that also has the ability to sync with various cloud services and a version of Outline for your Mac. Also,Continue reading “Outline+ Updated for iPad”

Outline + Update Brings Livescribe Compatibility

The latest update to Outline +, a OneNote compatible app, brings new functionality in conjunction with Livescribe’s newest smartpen. Now, using the Livescribe Smartpen 3, you can take notes that are entered directly into Outline +. You will need to use the Livescribe special journals or paper you can create with the proper printer andContinue reading “Outline + Update Brings Livescribe Compatibility”

OmniOutliner issues Minor Update

  OmniOutliner for iPad issued a minor update that improves the user experience of the document browser and OmniPresence. The app is described as follows: OmniOutliner starts as a blank page. But as you collect, compose, and rearrange text, its powerful outlining features emerge to organize your ideas. Hierarchy, columns, styling, notes — use themContinue reading “OmniOutliner issues Minor Update”

Outline+ Update

Outline+, an app that lets you read and write OneNote files on your iPad, has been updated to version 2.5. The new update integrates Skydrive syncing, support of external keyboards and other improvements and fixes. According to the developer, the steps to get your SkyDrive notebooks on your iPad are as follows: Just select SkyDrive inContinue reading “Outline+ Update”

OmniOutliner 1.5 Major Update

    OmniOutliner for iPad v1.5 is a major update that adds automatic document syncing through OmniPresence. (This release requires iOS 6.) This app is an outlining app like no other for your iPad. If you have a need to outline thoughts, ideas, arguments, papers, notes and more, you should look at this app. With thisContinue reading “OmniOutliner 1.5 Major Update”

OmniOutliner 1.2 Update

Today, OmniOutliner updated to version 1.2. Besides the new app logo, the developer states the following about the update: OmniOutliner 1.2 for iPad sets the stage for document syncing by introducing a new document browser and making a number of behind-the-scenes changes to coordinate access to documents. It also introduces a new app icon, and restores theContinue reading “OmniOutliner 1.2 Update”